Artist Aöb recently took to Twitter to share The Last of Us Part 2’s Abby decapitating Hana Uzaki from Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

Aöb shared his depiction in response to a Twitter user comparing Abby to Uzaki-chan.

That Twitter user would attempt to mock individuals they described as “incel twitter.”

They would claim these individuals described Abby’s character as “this is an unrealistic female body type.”

In contrast, they would describe Hana Uzaki as “this is a good design for a 19 year-old woman.”

Aöb responded to the tweet sharing his artwork of Abby decapitating Uzaki-chan. He captioned the art saying, “get the f*** out of here with that fang bimbo.”

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Here’s a better look at the artwork.

In a subsequent tweet, Aöb would appear to indicate that he was muting the thread and encouraged people to follow them on Instagram.

Aöb would also explain that they believe “all hate on Last of Us 2 its a complete nerdy fanboy bullshit.”

They continued, “For me the game is great, way better than the first one. Only cause they killed Joel people get all mad and shit.”

Finally, Aöb concluded, “And I like Abby. Cause she all by herself made a bunch of nerds f***in cry and thats just awsome.”

Aöb would also express their hatred towards Uzaki-chan describing her as “f***ing unazi-chan.”

Aöb would later respond to a user saying, “I don’t know where people got the idea I hate her cause of her tits or something like that. I don’t mind her I just draw her taking a hard punch from Abby. It doesn’t mean nothing more than that.”

Uzaki-chan has been at the center of controversies for some time. Back in October 2019, Twitter activist Unseen Japan targeted Uzaki-chan and the Japanese Red Cross Society criticizing them for using Uzaki-chan in a promotional campaign to encourage the Japanese people to donate blood.

Unseen Japan wrote on Twitter, “I admire the work the Red Cross does, which is why I’m disappointed that the Japanese Red Cross Society in Japan would run a campaign using the over-sexualized Uzaki-chan.”

Unseen Japan would later add in a subsequent tweet, “Let me clarify. I’m not opposed to your particular fetish. There’s an appropriate place for erotic material of all kinds. The issue is that eroticization of women occurs EVERYWHERE – including places where it’s inappropriate. Like, you know, a fucking BLOOD DRIVE CAMPAIGN.”

Unseen Japan then took their criticism of Uzaki-chan and claimed that there is “rampant sexism in Japanese society.”

They wrote, “The sad thing is, I found this ad simply walking through Shinjuku Station on the way to have lunch w my family. That should give you pause to think about how rampant sexism is in Japanese society.”

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Despite Unseen Japan’s complaints the Japanese Red Cross Society would announce another promotional campaign featuring Uzaki-chan in January.

The controversy around the character would seem to die down until the first season of the anime released in July. Then a number of Twitter activists began to complain about Uzaki-chan’s design echoing Unseen Japan’s initial criticisms that the character is oversexualized.

At least one individual insinuated that Uzaki-chan’s design was being used to promote pedophilia.

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Uzaki-Chan is very clearly identified as a 19-year-old college student in the opening pages of the manga.

Despite the criticisms, plenty of fan artists have been sharing their renditions of Uzaki-chan.

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GoDichi shared theirs to Twitter mocking those criticizing Uzaki-chan.

Here’s a better look.

Sakimi-chan recently shared three variants of Uzaki-chan.

Here’s a better look at Uzaki-chan hanging out in what appears to be her dorm room in her lingerie.

The second image shows Uzaki-chan still in her dorm room. She has cow print lingerie on.

Last, but not least, Sakimi-chan showed off Uzaki-chan in her iconic top, but pantless.

Others shared their fan art of Uzaki-chan.

Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out! is available to stream on Funimation in North America and on AnimeLab in Australia and New Zealand.

Currently six episodes are available. There will be 12 episodes in total for the first season.

What do make of Aöb’s decapitation of Uzaki-chan?

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