As promised, the second trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 dropped at DC FanDome’s Wonder Woman panel. And, the two-minute clip gives away details we honestly would know by now.

Primarily, Kristen Wiig’s final look as Cheetah and her climactic battle with Diana in the golden armor is featured prominently. Feral Barbara Minerva is totally CG and reflects the comics fairly well.

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The updated trailer is below; give it a watch:

Soundbites of dialogue also reveal why Barbara grows to resent Diana. She simply has everything meek little Barb could want, handed to her no less. Minerva wants to be powerful – “an apex predator” as she puts it.

Here are some stills of Kristen Wiig as that apex predator:

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Siding with Maxwell Lord, made an evil genie by a wishing stone, he grants that request. Barbara likes her newfound power and uses it against Diana in a fight at the White House. We finally get glimpses of that action when she corkscrew dives at Diana through the Lasso of Truth.

The association between the two villains looks deeper in this trailer than the old one or in any of the spoilers. They sit together in a helicopter headed to the communications outpost. Here a frail-looking Lord says his answer for everything “is always more.” So WW84 will have some type of moral directed at capitalism and greed.

This point also is where the trailer enters heavy spoiler territory – giving away the reported climax of the film. Max stands at a lectern in front of the Presidential Seal and begins a broadcast, urging everyone to wish for their deepest desire.

Wonder Woman shows up to stop him but has to fight through thugs and Cheetah first.

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Gal, Kristen, WW

We heard hints of the final battle happening at a big satellite dish and Lord broadcasting to the world. They weren’t completely verified until a Lego set went on sale depicting the scene, including dish playset and lectern.

Cheetah’s signature cat-creature form was expected all along. Phases were revealed in Brazil leading up to CCXP Sao Paulo on merchandise, but a notebook spoiled the mutation.

DC FanDome is ongoing. Wonder Woman 1984 comes out finally on Oct. 2nd.

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