Wonder Woman’s new armor that graces posters and parts of the trailer is still kind of a mystery as far as its properties, beyond the obvious. It aids Diana in battle when she most needs it thanks to a few abilities it possesses.

**Possible Spoilers Below**

In the latest issue of Total Film, Wonder Woman costume designer Lindy Hemming discussed the Golden Eagle armor a little bit and explained some of its Batsuit-like features.

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Hemming said to the mag the armor can articulate, moving and twisting and turning with the wearer, who – fair to say – is undoubtedly fighting hand to hand. And it earns comparison to the Batsuit directly:

“It’s like the Batsuit, or anything: all small parts. An armadillo-like articulation means that the person can move and twist and turn, and it will return to its previous position.”

But the suit was not fun for Gal Gadot, and probably others such as stunt doubles and stand-ins, to wear, Hemming added:

“Having said that, it was not pleasant to wear — and no armor of any kind is pleasant to wear!”

Wonder Woman

Lindy Hemming also worked on The Dark Knight with Christopher Nolan so she knows a few things about the Batsuit. The big improvement in the Bale suit in the second and third movies, famously, was the cowl being able to turn with the head wearing it.

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We know some of the gold armor’s other features, such as the detachable wings and the helmet seen in the trailer and other production stills.


From supposed spoilers, we gather the armor is in Diana’s possession in case of a break-glass emergency. It makes up for the power she loses when she unconsciously wishes Steve Trevor back and is made from the hides or parts of dead Amazons – or something like that.

And if a Lego toy set is to be believed, Diana fights Barbara Minerva in her final form as Cheetah at a communications bunker in the said Golden armor.

Release of Wonder Woman 1984 was pushed to early October, a slot Joker had and The Batman will inherit next year. Warner Bros. is still set on a theatrical run regardless of the pandemic.