Wonder Woman 1984: New Purported “Plot Points” Leak Online

Wonder Woman 1984 isn’t out until June but folks on the Internet claim to know everything about it. Spoilers keep coming and a new set has leaked.

“Plot points” of the film were posted to Reddit Tuesday that reaffirm some of what prior leaks to the site have claimed. Marked “unverified,” the original post was deleted but we have obtained it from the archive.

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Ah, the Power of Steve

The post starts with Diana and Steve’s relationship and the effect it has on her powers. According to the in-depth leak from January, Diana wishes Steve back at the price of her abilities. The new spoiler says Diana’s powers dwindle to the point she needs Steve to protect her:

“Wonder Woman unwittingly gives up her powers when she wishes Steve Trevor back. She can solely use her lasso of truth. She gradually loses her strength as it becomes more difficult for her to fight and at one point Steve becomes her ‘protector’.”

If true, this won’t go over well with a certain crowd, one comment points out:

“Yeah even if Patty did come up with it, I can just hear all the ‘Why does she have to give up powers for a man’ even though we all know most male heroes would do it for the one they love ala Superman.”

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Good Friends Make Bitter Enemies

Diana’s fading abilities become apparent after she fights Cheetah the first time. It happens twice; the second time is allegedly when Barbara’s mutation occurs, said the post:

“Diana and Barbara Minerva fight twice. Barbara wins the first round while in human form, benefited greatly by Diana’s weakening capabilities and when Diana gets her abilities back, Barbara turns into the Cheetah.”

Diana wears her winged armor (the one a spoiler asserts is made of pieces of Amazons, strangely, and that she possesses it in case of emergencies) to level the playing field but a heavy toll is taken on it in battle. “Diana uses her Golden Armor as a last resort against Cheetah and it gets destroyed,” says the post.

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Tragic Villain

Barbara also has a minor “romantic arc” with Maxwell Lord that the writer thinks “might end up” giving some audience members “mixed feelings.” That implies Lord is a pig but it sounds like he is actually more complex and “tragic.”

“Maxwell Lord is more of a tragic villain as opposed to a bad guy. He also has a romantic arc with Barbara which some might end up having mixed feelings about.”


Last year, we reported a social media post and a costume alteration that teased the appearance of a hostile tribe of Amazons from Bana-Mighdall, close to Egypt. Diana, Steve, and Lord wind up in Egypt and the post contends “The Amazons of Bana-Mighdall are in the film.”

Bana-Mighdall Amazons broke away from Themyscira long ago and renounced men and the gods of Olympus. Becoming mercenaries, they went to war with their former sisters but a fragile peace was worked out. What part they play in WW84 is not confirmed yet.

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The Reddit post and its plot points are accused of being fake because the writer (u/Less_Celery) had a habit of posting in various subreddits. Whoever it was, the account is deleted so Reddit probably won’t have to worry about them anymore.

The accuracy of the claims remains to be seen but they correspond with the info we gathered so far. Most of us will find out what’s real and incorrect this summer.

Here’s where you come in. Tell us your thoughts on these supposed revelations below.

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