More behind-the-scenes photos from Wonder Woman 1984, directed by Patty Jenkins, have surfaced online — this time from an Instagram story. Three photos were uploaded by user vanzekin018 but just one of them is getting the most attention.

The still shows an actress posing on the Canary Islands in a costume resembling the garb of Themysciran Senators seen in the first Wonder Woman. Senators were the ones surrounding Antiope (Robin Wright) and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) when he was before her during an interrogation, tied up in the Lasso of Truth.

Our old friends at the DC_Cinematic Reddit page picked up the image. It is upvoted 97%. As you can see below, the caption refers to the locale and the location Bana-Mighdall, a possible sign of something we can expect in the film.

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Bana-Mighdall is the home of a splinter group of Amazons who broke from Themyscira around 3000 years ago. Swearing revenge on men and renouncing Zeus and the Olympian Gods, they settled in Egypt to become mercenaries, growing more hostile and bitter. Themyscira and Bana-Mighdall went to war, finding only an uneasy peace afterward.

Like a rival gang, their colors are different from the Amazons and Senators of Themyscira. Bana-Mighdall inverts the gold and brown pattern, one of many alterations given to Amazons for this sequel, including Diana.

Star Gal Gadot, as we gleaned from the poster, will sport new armor so we know we are in for an expansion on the usual outfits Diana Prince is known for in the comics and TV. (Related: Wonder Woman 1984 Director Patty Jenkins Debuts First Poster & Showcases Gal Gadot in New Golden Armor!)

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

It’s unclear how big a part the Amazons from Bana-Mighdall will play, but there will be time spent in Egypt. An Egyptian soldier standing by a tank was the subject of the other two Instagram photos. Political instability and the climate of the Cold War could cause a disturbance involving Bana-Mighdall that Diana might have to quash.

Wonder Woman 1984 comes out June 5th of next year. The release date was pushed back although the film is complete and Patty Jenkins is happy with the cut. Jenkins wanted halfheartedly to go back to the original release scheduled for this year because she regrets the wait. (Related: Director Patty Jenkins Frustrated By Wonder Woman 1984’s New Release Date & For A Good Reason)

Diana will take part in the Cold War and fight Cheetah (Kristen Wiig). Leaked and alleged spoilers have it that there is another potential villain in Maxwell Lord, possibly played by Pedro Pascal. Lord reportedly has the wish-granting power of a genie which he uses to turn Barbara Minerva into Cheetah and bring Steve Trevor back to life. (Related: Big Spoilers Potentially Revealed for Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 1984)

What do you think of what is coming to light about Wonder Woman 1984? Looking forward to the movie? Reply below.

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