A new Lego playset appears to confirm spoilers of Wonder Woman 1984’s plot that were leaked months ago.

Photos of the Lego set and figurines were posted by DC Movie News on Twitter. They show Lego versions of Wonder Woman in her gold winged armor, Max Lord in a suit, and Cheetah in her final form.

Cheetah and Wonder Woman - DC Comics

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The set itself is a replica of a bunker with a satellite dish, meaning it has broadcast capabilities and a miniature TV studio camera.

The specific leaked plot point in question is the climax. Lord and Cheetah head to a secret location where the President is able to broadcast to the world in case of emergency. They learn about it from a meeting at the White House that Diana and Steve interrupt.

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Lord, who’s become the wishing stone of the gods and thus draws power from wishes, wants to grant as many wishes as possible at once. The feed from the bunker would allow him to be on TV worldwide and do exactly that.


Diana dons the armor for her final faceoff with Lord and his goons. First, she has to fight Cheetah, given a feral form via one last wish made to Lord. Diana and Cheetah start as friends but once the meek Barbara Minerva has a taste of empowerment, she doesn’t want to give it up.

When Cheetah is dispatched, Diana confronts Lord in the middle of his global broadcast. This is all according to the spoilers and other leaks that made it to Reddit.

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Diana’s armor was already teased by the trailer and posters. Tie-in products (mugs, notebooks) spoiled stages of Kristen Wiig’s appearance as Cheetah, including her ultimate mutated form.

Wonder Woman 1984 poster

The trailer also spoiled the presence of the communications bunker. If you pay attention you will see there is a quick shot of a helicopter flying to the location, adjacent to water, at nighttime.

The dish and helicopter show up around the 1:08 mark.

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