A new rumor making the rounds reaffirms Wonder Woman 1984 will softly reboot the DC Extended Universe and place Wonder Woman at the forefront over Superman.

Cosmic Book News states Warner Bros. wants to get rid of Zack Snyder’s continuity but keep some actors (like Gal Gadot) while recasting other parts, especially Superman.

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How They Do This

Whatever Diana does to get Steve back affects the timeline in a Flashpoint-like way. According to spoilers from months ago, he comes back in somebody else’s body via a wish.

Grace Randolph said in a live-stream it won’t work exactly like Flashpoint but Diana’s reality is changed nevertheless by her wish:

“Well, I told you they are slowly shifting away from what happened. So I never said they were going to do Flashpoint specifically. I said they were going to be like Flashpoint where they were going to shift the reality in the movies, because remember there is a wishing stone in the movie that can change reality.”

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What’s The Difference?

Patty Jenkins is dumping the angle where Diana goes into hiding after Steve’s death and World War I, claimed Randolph. Diana, moreover, will be a well-known hero in 1984 with no secret identity:

“Also, they have just totally done away with the idea of Wonder Woman hiding since WWI. Remember in Batman vs. Superman she was like, ‘I can’t put up with no man’s land, I don’t want to do anything with this. I want to mind my own business. No one has ever heard of Wonder Woman.’  Not the case anymore. Wonder Woman 1984, Wonder Woman everybody knows, not only who she is but that Diana is Wonder Woman. She has no secret identity. So… it’s a strong choice.”


“Strong choice” is right. CBN suspects it will mean Man of Steel is ultimately “swept under the rug.” One more thing: she flies as the leaks establish.

CBN says additionally “Wonder Woman is going to become the hero of the entire world, and WW84 will reverse Zack Snyder’s story which saw Wonder Woman disappear for decades following WW1 and reemerge in Batman vs. Superman.”

What else is strange is spoilers state she tells people to keep her existence a secret after saving them. Making Diana world-famous won’t work if she tries to act furtively.

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Oh, Superman, Where Are You Now?

Our readers may recall former DC co-publisher Dan DiDio’s plan to make Wonder Woman the first superhero canonically in the comics with 5G. The studio may push for something similar to line up the universes.

CBN predicts Wonder Woman is going to be the “‘big’ hero” of the DCEU as of Wonder Woman 3 and the leader of the Justice League. Warner Bros. and Patty Jenkins may wait until after a break and after they’ve settled into the reboot to make the third one.

Superman may get rebooted and recast by either J.J. Abrams or the Supergirl movie (and possibly woker). Cavill still wants the role, as we know, but WB is rumored to be considering someone younger like David Corenswet (Affairs of State, Hollywood), who is an unknown at this stage.

CBN forecasts the goal is rebooting everything, bringing Wonder Woman into the present day with part 3, and eventually linking her up with a new Superman and Batman for Justice League. Abrams may be in charge of that one too.

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Those Dreaded Reshoots

We’ve passed along before WW84 might be a soft reboot. Allegedly, in the vein of how Birds of Prey was fixed, reshoots work in a subplot to achieve that. Keep in mind these are rumors.

However, Warner is serious about rebooting their DC brand. The Flash starring Ezra Miller is adapting Flashpoint for that purpose but thanks to Miller’s recent bad press they may give up on the solo film altogether, leaving his Flash in limbo.

Wonder Woman 1984, pushed back by coronavirus fears, now comes out August 14th.