Though we never got to see it, and probably won’t ever, Zack Snyder had a plan for the DC Extended Universe and Justice League that was meant to play out over five films. And everything was going to revolve around Superman.

Snyder didn’t go into great detail, reported Cosmic Book News, but he mentioned during a live-stream watch party of Batman v. Superman on Vero he wanted a five-movie arc rooted in the consequences of Jimmy Olsen’s death. Jimmy had a cameo at the beginning of BvS in which he was shot and killed by terrorists when it was revealed he was a CIA agent.

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Neil Daly, a freelance market research analyst, and focus group moderator, shared similar and expanded revelations concerning Snyder’s DCEU last year in an edition of the Fire and Water podcast.

Daly stated Snyder wanted to deal with the story of Superman as a “reluctant hero” before doing Justice League but he was rushed into that by Warner Bros and their ploy to catch up with Marvel’s shared universe.

Cosmic Book News summarized his comments:

“WB execs were playing catch up to Marvel and wanted to get the Justice League team out there as soon as possible. Snyder didn’t want Justice League released as soon as it was as his plan was to follow the story of Superman. Daly says Snyder wanted to do five or six movies that started with Superman being the reluctant hero leading to the Superman everyone is familiar with, i.e. a boy scout version approved by the president. Daly says the arc started with Superman with the idea of him being a reluctant apathetic hero who didn’t know if he belonged on earth or wanted to save people, leading to the Superman we all know, but Daly says we never got a chance to see it.”

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According to Daly, Snyder’s plan was for up to six movies. Man of Steel 2 was one but a lot got stricken from the slate. Cosmic Book News again summarized:

“Daly also says Snyder’s 5-6 movie plan consisted of Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, Justice League, Man of Steel 2, and a two-part Justice League (JL 2 and 3). Daly says a lot of things were left out from Snyder’s true vision, that Snyder got a raw deal, and that Snyder had a lot going on moving forward. Daly also confirms that Aquaman did save Clark Kent from the oil rig in Man of Steel and a lot was left out from Snyder’s original plans for Batman vs. Superman as well.”

Snyder ended up making only three movies and didn’t get to finish the last one – Justice League. Still, he doesn’t let go of the hope his full vision can be realized with his Cut of the 2017 film.

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Wrapping up his live stream, Snyder said he had fun and added the following before cutting the stream:

“You know what, I think they should someday make a sequel to this movie some day. That would be amazing. That would really be something else. Yeah. Want to know what happens to these guys. I mean… don’t they eventually… I don’t know…  Form some…”

Disregarding the theatrical version of the Justice League, his words lead many to believe he will complete his sequel, the Snyder Cut, eventually. There are several reports of reshoots saying Snyder is only a few scenes away from finishing it.

Jason Momoa, saying he’s seen it, expressed his confidence frequently last year the Cut could be finished. His co-stars joined him in the campaign to release it soon after.

Snyder kept the pot boiling when he posted a photo of film canisters marked “director’s cut” on his Vero in December. Definitive evidence he at least has the footage, it drove the Internet crazy.

For those wanting more, rumor has it the Snyder Cut will see the light of day on HBO Max one day soon. With people staying at home amid the pandemic, it would be momentous content for the young streaming platform.

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