There was doubt she’d be fired and it sounds as if Amber Heard is actually staying aboard the DC Extended Universe as Mera.

Deadline reports a response by Heard to legal papers filed by ex-husband Johnny Depp in his $50 million defamation lawsuit against her indicates this to be true.

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Johnny Depp Claims Amber Heard Bed Defecation Solidifed Decision to Divorce, Actor Claims as Libel Trial Against UK Tabloid The Sun Begins

Depp requested on August 21 his suit be delayed to between March and June 2021 to accommodate filming on Fantastic Beasts 3. Production on the sequel was supposed to begin before January but COVID-19 happened.

Conditions in London, where shooting is scheduled, are said to be improving, giving a green light for work on the film to commence in October. It would wrap sometime around February.

This new schedule coincides with the court date taking place between January 11th and the 28th.

“When the Court set the current trial date in this case, Mr. Depp understood that Warner Bros. planned to shoot ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’ in London long before January 11, 2021,” read the court papers.

“COVID-19 disrupted the studio’s plans, causing repeated postponements,” they continue. “With conditions in London having improved somewhat, Warner Bros. has now set a shooting schedule that conflicts with the trial date in this case.”

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The parties convene to discuss the postponement on September the 11th. According to the papers, Heard will only agree to it if it “would not entail any prejudice to her, much less unfair prejudice” to her schedule.

She expects to film Aquaman 2 at some point next year. Mikey Sutton takes this as confirmation of his report Warner Bros. won’t fire her despite the scandal, bad publicity, and fan outrage.

Sutton adds “WB refuses to render judgment or take sides, especially since both actors are signed to major theatrical franchises.”

Good for Depp, but in Heard’s case, the studio turns a blind eye to petitions and thousands of signatures wanting her gone.

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Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has ongoing legal battles with Heard over a Washington Post op-ed accusing him of abuse and the UK Sun for calling him a wife-beater.

Aquaman 2 is still slated to set sail for a December 16, 2022, release. Fantastic Beasts 3 has a scheduled Irish release of November 12, 2021.

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