Comic book creator Tristan Jones, best known for the artwork he provided for Dark Horse’s series of comics based on the Alien franchise, has accused Marvel Comics and artist Greg Land of tracing his work for the cover of the upcoming Aliens Omnibus.

Marvel Comics and Greg Land Accused of Tracing Dark Horse Aliens Artist Tristan Jones Work for Aliens Omnibus Cover

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On September 1st, Jones took to his personal Twitter to ask his follows about “the etiquette on calling out artists who’ve ganked your work to frankenstein something they would’ve got paid quite a bit to do for a Big Two Publisher…”:

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This tweet was spurred by Jones’ suspicions that Marvel had traced his work, and after another fan pointed out some questionable comparisons, Jones was “glad I’m not the only one that notice, which means I’m not crazy…”

“…Which also means that isn’t where the similarities stop unfortunately,” the disheartened artist concluded:

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After a “stewing on this all night”, Jones would directly claim that he was “100% sure I’ve been Greg Landed” and provide his followers with a comparison of “his cover for Marvel’s upcoming omnibus + my drawings.”

“Photoshop’s snap function even locked my work in when I put it over his,” stated Jones, before discovering that the Xenomorph’s was presumably traced from a piece by artist Andy Brase:

Another user, @ridgetop21, discovered that Land’s alleged tracing did not stop with the Xenomorph, but also extended to the Ovomorph egg capsules that littered the cover’s bottom:

In an attempt to rectify the situation, Jones proceeded to ask his followers “Has anyone got Greg Land’s email?”:

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For readers familiar with Land’s history, this tracing accusation should come as no surprise, as the controversial artist has become known for the blatant and egregious tracing featured in his work.

His habit has become so notorious, in fact, that many fans have made a hobby of finding the original bases for his artwork:

Marvel Comics and Greg Land Accused of Tracing Dark Horse Aliens Artist Tristan Jones Work for Aliens Omnibus CoverAs of writing, it does not appear that Jones has been able to make contact with Land, while Marvel has yet to publicly address Jones’ accusations.