Season 2 of the DC Universe and The CW hit Stargirl is in development and its two big threats are set, one returning and the other a fresh partially eclipsed face.

Showrunner Geoff Johns revealed at a DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse panel Eclipso is coming and will have an important role while Solomon Grundy is readying for a comeback.

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Shiv Finds Eclipso Diamond

Eclipso was teased at the tail end of the Season 1 finale. The Injustice Society defeated, Cindy Burman, better known as Shiv, breaks into a storage locker or archives to find a box. She digs through it and, pulling out a glowing diamond, proclaims she found Eclipso.

First appearing in House of Secrets #61 in 1963, the character has a spiritually intimate tie to a black diamond. His initial host, scientist and solar specialist, Bruce Gordon was wounded by a sorcerer’s blade of tenebrous ore and cursed with becoming the villain during an eclipse.

In later years, specifically the 90s, Eclipso was rewritten as a demon with the power of possession. His capacity, moreover, was no longer limited to Bruce Gordon or one piece of rock. Also no longer a B-villain, he ambitiously tested his abilities when he plotted to possess DC’s heroes of Earth.

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Whatever direction Johns is going to take, he didn’t say, but Eclipso will be a big deal. Fans and reports speculate he’ll possess a key character; Wildcat/Yolanda Montez (Yvette Montreal) and Cameron Mahkent, son of the Icicle, are believed to be the most vulnerable.

Shards of Eclipso’s black gem feed on anger and prey on those in possession of one.

Yolanda, who proved she isn’t above killing, might be corruptible. Cameron is the offspring of the lead bad guy and may very well turn up grieving the loss of his father on top of seeking revenge. He’d be easy pickings for the temptations of Eclipso.

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Or the Vengeance Demon could desire a bigger host, one with muscle and unfinished business with the Justice Society. Solomon Grundy fits that bill.

Died on a Saturday and buried on a Sunday, Cyrus Gold, a former merchant, was the monstrous enforcer of the ISA. When not doing their bidding, he was kept locked in a huge reinforced vault.

Grundy killed the parents of Rick Tyler, the new Hourman. Once Tyler found this out, he was driven by rage to break the beast free and kill him for good.

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Solomon Grundy in Stargirl

The opportunity presented itself during the final showdown with the ISA, but rather than become a murderer, Hourman relented on the cowering Grundy and cast him out.

That exile is sure not to last if Geoff Johns is “excited for people to see more Grundy” as he claimed. What we’ll get from Grundy this time isn’t clear – perhaps a redemptive arc or maybe he’s going to be as bloodthirsty as ever.

Stargirl is moving exclusively to The CW as of Season 2. Quality of the show isn’t expected to suffer (much), for now.