A new Batman armor design leaked in never-before-seen concept artwork for a DC game that had its plug pulled.

The art is by Jerad S. Marantz who has history on other DC projects and currently works on Lovecraft Country. He shared two examples of his red-eyed armored Bat on Instagram.

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First was this medium shot of the design showing the chest and cowl. Altogether it has shades of Batman Beyond, the Arkham games, and the Dark Knight Returns-inspired armor and costume in Batman v. Superman.

“Here’s a Batman design I did for a canceled game project,” wrote Marantz in the caption. “It’s always an incredible challenge to do a bat suit and make it work for a new story.”

Marantz expressed his love of Batman, saying, “Batman is my absolute favorite comic book character and I’ll never get tired of working on him.”

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He then shared a 360 “turntable” of the armor sans cape, writing “Here’s a turntable of my Batman design for a canceled video game.”

Explaining his stance on the cape, he wrote “Not quite sure why I took the time to resolve everything under the Cape, but that’s the thing with costumes, you really have to understand how everything flows and wraps around the figure.”

He continued, “Also I always liked the idea of Batman being able to get rid of cape quickly if he’s in a brawl and surrounded.”

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Marantz didn’t say what the name or theme of the canceled game was, but fans speculate it was either the canceled Superman game pitched by Rocksteady, based on other artwork he shared of King Shark, Parasite, and Bizarro, or a game inspired by Zack Snyder’s DC Extended Universe.

You can see his King Shark design below.

He shared a full turntable look at King Shark as well.

Here’s his concept art for Parasite.

And finally, here’s what his Bizarro looks like.

The game doesn’t seem to be or have any connection to the also axed Batman: Arkham Legacy that starred Damien Wayne and had its own finished concept art leak to the web.

What do you think of Marantz’s art? Do you wish we got this game? Sound off below.