A new rumor provides further evidence of what the next Batman game we’ve been telling you about all year will be called, and it’s not “Arkham Legacy.”

YouTuber Warstu double-checked the domain names registered recently and he concludes the game will actually be christened “Gotham Knights.”

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He went to the Who.Is listing and pointed out that batmanarkhamlegacy.com – said to be the potential website for the next Arkham installment – is registered to GoDaddy.com. That’s a basic company to go with for such a monumental release.

Screenshot ArkhamLegacy-GoDaddy

Mortal Kombat creator and NetherRealm creative director Ed Boon sent out a tweet remarking on the Arkham franchise’s “strong legacy.” This got people buzzing and the oft-rumored Arkham Legacy title sounded more legit.

Screenshot-Ed Boon-Arkham Legacy

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Warstu called Boon’s post a “conspiracy tweet.” Going back to Who.Is, he shows the website for Gotham Knights, gothamknightsgame.com, which was registered by MarkMonitor, Inc.

Screenshot GothamKnightsgame-MarkMonitor

Like we mentioned in a previous story on the domain names, MarkMonitor is a broker who does business with Warner Bros. Interactive.

They are also the registrar for the domains belonging to Warner Bros. Pictures, warnerbros.com, and WB Games Montreal, wbgamesmontreal.com.

Screenshot WB-MarkMonitor

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Screenshot WB Games

WB Montreal, developer of Arkham Origins, has hinted strongly over the past year they are working on something Batman-related. Their teases became more rarified and less direct in the last few months.

Among those teases was the phrase “Capture the Knight.” Thought to be a title, it looks more and more like a tagline every day, one that points to Gotham Knights being the real name.

Reports are coming out AT&T might sell the Warner gaming division but nothing is corroborated yet. A sale won’t necessarily impact any game in development negatively.

Batman Arkham Knight Rocksteady WB Games DC Comics

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You may recall Twitterer and gaming insider Sabi tweeted last October that Arkham Legacy is the title, adding this layer to the conundrum: “The stuff about the playable family seems to be legit.”

That first part is very likely not true, as demonstrated, but numerous insiders agree the new game, regardless of what the title is, will have a bigger open world and a larger cast of characters – Damian Wayne and the Court of Owls among them.

There could be a reveal or some small update at DC FanDome but Warstu doesn’t see a lot of evidence for that.

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