In a follow-up to a previous story about a rumored rebirth of the Justice League on film, we have a further hint that John Stewart will wear the Green Lantern ring of Sector 2814.

A scoop by Mikey Sutton at Geekosity suggests Stewart is the Lantern the Warner Bros. studios want for their rebooted DC Extended Universe.

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John Stewart in "Green Lantern Corps" - DC Comics

They want to feed off “the familiarity he created with the general public” in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited on Cartoon Network in the early 2000s.

John Stewart was the primary Lantern in place of Hal Jordan – and Kyle Rayner for that matter. Voiced by Phil LaMarr, Stewart became very popular and cultivated his own identity and fanbase.

Stewart, it goes on to say, “will be part of a Corps that’ll include various aliens as well,” so he is going to have two teams to fight evil with, in keeping with comics.

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Green Lantern Corps - Darwyn Cooke - DC Comics

Other members of the Corps we potentially get treated to additionally on the big screen again- like Guy, Kilowog, and Tomar-Re – were not mentioned.

Who plays John is still up in the air but recall Michael Jai White is a favorite of the fandom. Once that came to his attention, White got into the idea too. Nothing so far has come of it.

Sutton adds that Hal Jordan is on the way to the DCEU but he won’t be played again by Ryan Reynolds. The scoop continues, on a related note, Reynolds and Jordan won’t appear in the Snyder Cut – “those rumors are bogus,” it says.

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green lanter david ramsey arrow

Hal is expected to be the figurehead of the HBO Max series being produced by the CWverse’s Greg Berlanti and Geoff Johns through Mad Ghost. There, the character will remain exclusive for a while.

”In the meantime, it’ll be Stewart’s light to shine on the silver screen,” writes Sutton, bearing in mind the same is true for the small screen.

David Ramsey will reprise John Diggle/Stewart as a Green Lantern in Superman & Lois in 2021. Diggle was “gifted” a ring in a box at the end of Arrow’s finale, indicating he’d be Earth-Prime’s resident space cop.

That might not spill over to the HBO Max show, though. Sutton’s sources tell him it “remains a question mark if it will be tied in with the Arrowverse as Berlanti heads both.”