There have been a plethora of DC Comics film rumors making the rounds over the last few weeks and months including recent rumors that Ben Affleck was coming back as Batman, likewise for Michael Keaton, that Ryan Reynolds would see another Brightest Day as Green Lantern, that Keanu Reeves was playing Constantine again, that a Zatanna movie is in the works, and more.

Well, there might not be a lot of truth to some of those rumors. Reporter and scooper over at TheWrap and Heroic Hollywood Umberto Gonzalez did a #DCDebunkReport on Twitter claiming to refute many of the DC Comics movie rumors.

Constantine Movie

He started by shooting down the rumor there is a new Constantine movie in development. A rumor from The Direct detailed that a live-action Constantine film was in the works with JJ Abrams as producer.

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Charles Murphy at Murphy’s Multiverse would then follow-up that rumor detailing that there was an “inference that the studio may actually be courting Keanu Reeves to return in the role of John Constantine.”

The Direct’s original reporting indicated it was unclear if Reeves was being courted.

Gonzalez shot down the entire rumor writing, “There is no CONSTANTINE movie being developed at DC.”

Gonzalez would then begin answering fan questions where he claimed other rumors that had been circulating were untrue.

Justice League: Rebirth Film

He said JJ Abrams’ Justice League: Rebirth movie meant to reboot the Extended Universe, labeling it “fugazi,” is not happening either.

That’s good news for the Snyder Cut as it gets to have the only League right now.

The original Justice League Rebirth rumor came from Jeremy Conrad at DCEU Mythic. Conrad wrote earlier this month, “I’ve learned today that Warner Brothers has begun development on a Justice League: Rebirth film which is separate from the Snyder Cut and not a continuation of that Justice League story.”

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Conrad added that the film would be live-actin and not animated.

Ezra Miller and The Flash

Gonzalez continued with a reaffirmation of one thing: Ezra Miller is still playing The Flash despite his scandals.

A rumor back in June indicated that Miller’s status as The Flash was in question. That rumor came from YouTuber Grace Randolph who stated, “We will see if they keep Ezra Miller. The jury, apparently, is still out on that. But Ezra Miller is a big stumbling block.”

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A separate rumor in April, this one from Andy Signore at Fandom Wire, indicated that the studio would move ahead with The Flash “with or without Ezra Miller in the suit.”


Moving on, Gonzalez responded to a Grace Randolph scoop stating Batgirl is going to be in the live-action Batman Beyond movie.

Moreover, she becomes the Batman of tomorrow under the tutelage of Michael Keaton’s senior Bruce Wayne.

Gonzalez shot down the part about Batgirl taking Terry McGinnis’ spot.

It wouldn’t make sense anyway; Barbara Gordon was too old and became Chief of Police in the future. And the Batgirl movie reportedly being developed to take place in modern day would be dead in its tracks due to overexposure of the character.

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That’s already appears to be happening with Harley Quinn.

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Without referencing Randolph, Gonzalez then disputed her scoop Ryan Reynolds will return to Green Lantern for Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Gonzalez tweeted it’s not true and there is no such deal in the works.

This does not mean Green Lantern won’t cameo in the Snyder Cut. Chances are he will, played by another actor.

Ben Affleck Returns as Batman

Also on the Snyder front, Gonzalez, who wanted it as much as any of us, sadly reports there’s no truth to Ben Affleck returning to finish his vision for Batman.

Gonzalez would add Affleck’s The Batman won’t be made for HBO Max.

The Affleck rumor originated from The Cultured Nerd and Taylor Murphy back in May who wrote, “Sources close to TCN have informed us that AT&T and WarnerMedia wants Ben Affleck to return as Batman, and also to resume work to adapt his original script for “The Batman” that originally featured Batman Vs Deathstroke.”

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Murphy followed up that rumor indicating Affleck had a contract in hand to return to the role earlier this month.


He touched on the other side of the JLA/Snyderverse coin, Superman, as well, confirming what Henry Cavill recently stated. There’s nothing new in the pipeline for the Man of Steel, not yet.

That’s more positive than his update on Batfleck. No news is good news and Cavill could reenter talks with Warner Bros. at any time.

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There have been multiple rumors that Cavill could return as Superman in a JJ Abrams film. One rumor in May from TheWrap and Umberto Gonzalez indicated Cavill was in talks to return as Superman in multiple movies. No specifics about what those roles would entail was given.


But there is real good news: Gonzalez corroborates a Zatanna movie is in the works. It just needs a writer first.

As I said, much of the above is very disappointing to hear. Anything can happen and I could offer grains of salt but Cosmic Book News trusts Umberto Gonzalez’s sources, in general, and on this one.


At least, we can say, for the time being, JJ Abrams won’t screw up anymore beloved characters. That’s a plus.

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