Another female character who is a cult favorite of DC canon could be getting her own movie. A solo film for Zatanna could be in early development or being discussed at Warner Bros.

According to the site Batman-News, Zatanna Zatara “may finally be making her way to the big screen” after years of multiple rumors. They add there is some confirmation of this one.

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On Friday, Gail Simone seemed to confirm it, reports Batman-News, answering “Yep” to a story in a commented retweet. She then quickly took down the post for undisclosed reasons.

No casting details yet, but expect DC and Warner Bros. to invoke diversity and look for an actress with Jewish heritage since Zatanna herself is half Jewish. The other half is Romani but her lineage traces back to a race of magical beings – the Homo Magi.

Bounding’s own Jorge Arenas has five reasons why Megan Fox should play The Mistress of Magic. Hopefully, Fox can do better than her turn in Jonah Hex if she’s chosen.

Megan Fox Zatanna

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Zatanna first appeared way back in 1964 in the pages of Hawkman #4. She is perhaps best known for her memorable supporting roles in DC animation in Batman: The Animated Series (in the eponymous 50th episode), Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Young Justice, and The New Batman Adventures.

She carried on in feature films Justice League Dark and its sequel Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. Her live-action bow came on Smallville, portrayed by Serinda Swan (Marvel’s Inhumans).

Justice League Dark

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The report also is unsure if a Zatanna movie will be connected to JJ Abrams’ Justice League Dark series on HBO Max or independent of it. She is highly likely to figure into that show and any solo outing has the potential of landing on the streaming service.

DCEU Mythic, meanwhile, contends it will be its own thing. Two Zatannas could exist at the same time in the Multiverse. They already acknowledge every live-action Flash and Batman out there.

Batman-News stresses “everything is in the earliest of stages” and information is scarce. An announcement could be made at DC Fandome.

WB’s DC film slate is ever so mercurial and Zatanna plans could go the way of Supergirl and Harley Quinn efforts that incorporate Joker.