Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Made an Interspecies Relationship Between Constantine and King Shark Canon

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War just made it canon that the sexual preferences of limey wizard-detective John Constantine know no limits in terms of gender and metahuman species.

Going a step farther than the comics and television, the newly released movie revealed John and the Suicide Squad’s King Shark had a thing and Constantine bottomed (which means what you think it does).

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Constantine: City of Demons

This revelation came out (no pun intended) when Constantine and Raven went to a bar to pick up (again, no intentional puns) Suicide Squad recruits to join their mission to right the Justice League’s wrongs.

Constantine announced – “bollocks” – when they come across King Shark and Harley Quinn. Raven thinks he means Harley but John, insulted, declares he’s not “mad.” King Shark then winks and Constantine nervously averts his eyes.

Animation & comic writer, EP, and showrunner Mairghread Scott confirmed she wrote this and they let her which blew her away.

Watch the scene for yourself if you feel inclined:

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Scott added later she is proud of her work here and that she “underestimated thirsty monster-f***er Twitter.”

It’s a brave new world in 2020 and DC isn’t shy about pushing boundaries with their characters, new or established. Elsewhere in cinema, Birds of Prey hinted Harley goes both ways and once had a girlfriend. She’s a Bernie Sanders supporter too for what that’s worth.

And the new Suicide Squad comic by Tom Taylor introduced a host of young, diverse characters. One is winged and nonbinary.

John Constantine was established as bisexual, which he is on Legends of Tomorrow, but neither the NBC series nor the movie starring Keanu Reeves dived into that.

As strange as the character is, it’s surprising, even perplexing, they don’t think he’d shack up with Harley.

Nonetheless, Matt Ryan, the voice of JC and Grand Poobah of all things Constantine, was pleased with the move of making him “open” to sleeping with the fishes, he said to CBR:

“In Legends, then, he’s obviously bisexual and, with King Shark, he’s obviously ‘bi-specieal.’ So, Constantine is the most open, liberated person on the planet. I don’t know the logistics of how that works but I just guffawed when I was reading it. I was like, ‘Oh, that’s brilliant!’”

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King Shark’s proclivities aren’t explored as often but we know he was human once and had a wife – his backstory on CW’s Flash. A recent episode of Harley Quinn on DC Universe revealed he was betrothed to a princess of “the Hammerhead People.”

King Shark

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War was released on digital home video last Tuesday. Have you seen it? Will you? How did you react when you saw the scene above? Give us your reaction below.

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