Rumor: Marvel Studios Considering Vikings Star Katheryn Winnick For Possible Thor-Related Role

A new rumor claims that Marvel Studios has put Vikings star Katheryn Winnick on their radar for a possible Thor-related role.

The rumor comes from scooper Mikey Sutton at

Sutton writes, “Sources reveal that Winnick is being seriously considered for several roles at Marvel Studios but no negotiations or talks have begun yet.”

As for what those roles could be, Sutton says that one insider told him “that Winnick could either be offered the adult version of the Enchantress with her younger self played by Cailey Fleming on the Disney+ series Loki or Angela, the lost sister of Thor in Marvel Comics.”

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He does note however that “none of this is confirmed yet but Winnick is apparently on their radar.”


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Winnick has previously indicated she would be up for a comic book movie role. When a fan asked her if she would be interested in a comic book movie role with a gif of Black Canary back in in 2017 she responded writing, “Bring it on!”

The actress has also indicated she would be up for a Marvel Studios role as well.

Back in 2016, she stated, “Marvel has such amazing strong women characters and if asked.. It’s a hell ya!”

In 2014, she also indicated she would be up for the role of a female version of Thor. She told ET Canada, “I would love to, are you kidding me?  I would absolutely love to play her, so yea, let’s do it!”

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Before that in 2012, she campaigned for the role of Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel.

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While Sutton’s source seems to indicate that Enchantress will show up in the Loki series, Sutton had previously scooped Enchantress could show up in a a Journey Into Mystery series.

Sutton detailed that series would focus on a number of Thor related characters including Enchantress, Lady Sif, the Warriors Three, and Balder the Brave.

Sutton wrote, “True to the title of the comic book which introduced Thor, Journey Into Mystery will focus on related characters. This will provide Marvel Studios to spotlight Thor family figures such as Lady Sif, the Warriors Three, the Enchantress, and finally Balder the Brave.”


He added, “But it’s even bigger than that. They are discussing on having Beta Ray Bill and Hercules (who was introduced in Journey Into Mystery Annual No. 1 in 1965) be the focus of certain story arcs. The tales will take place in past and present.”

It’s possible Enchantress might show up sooner than that. A theory from Pop Times UK claims that Enchantress or Angela could show up as the main villain to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder.

A separate theory indicates that an Enchantress look-alike named Sylvie Lushton will appear in the upcoming Loki series on Disney Plus. Geeks World Wide reported in March 2020 that actress Cailey Fleming will play a character named “Young Sylvie.”


They speculate Sylvie is short for Sylvie Lushton, a character created by Loki who mimics famed Thor villain Enchantress aka the Asgardian Amora. However, while she uses the name of Enchantress, she is not Amora.

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Loki specifically states, “I liked the idea of creating a mortal who suspects she’s one of my kind.”

In contrast, the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe makes it clear that Amora was born in Asgard before she ran away and apprenticed herself to Karnilla. She is not a creation of a Loki.

However, it is possible that Marvel Studios might combine the origins of the characters into one character whenever they decide to introduce her into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What do you make of this new rumor regarding Katheryn Winnick? Would you want to see her play Enchantress? What about Angela?

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