Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot recently discussed the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 film and implied the film will be delving into modern day politics and the chaos “currently happening around the world.”

In an interview with Germany’s Cinema Magazine, Gadot spoke about the film and why certain filming locations were chosen.

As translated by Reddit user kinkinoa, Gadot was asked, “How impressive was the shooting?” She responded, “We felt like Washington and the White House are very political places and therefore the ideal backdrop for this film. We shot scenes at the Washington Monument and Pennsylvania Avenue, which was incredible.”

“The whole street was closed and it was so chaotic that it almost became symbolic for everything that is currently happening around the world,” Gadot continued.

She then added, “It was very overwhelming and emotional. In addition to that, we shot the most emotional scene on the third day of filming already. This put us straight in the right mood.”

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Gadot would also be asked about the film’s time period. She answered, “Indeed, you could say that the decade is a character on its own in the film due to the 80s being extraordinary in regards to fashion, politics, colors, music and art.”

She would then be asked about the film’s costumes and explained how the film will attempt to capture the multiple fashions of the 80s.

Wonder Woman

Gadot stated, “Absolutely. I still remember some scenes that we shot with over 200 extras. We explored every aspect of the fashion back then – whether it’s Punk, Funk and Rock ‘n Roll or elegant looks, everything is in there. And huge shoulder pads and wild hair were a daily fair of course.”

Gadot’s comments are the latest that indicate the film will delve into modern day American politics.

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Back in August, director Patty Jenkins compared the film’s time period to the current day claiming that the United States is paying the price for the sins of the 80s.

Jenkins stated, “It was particularly the ’80s because of the fact that that was the height of everything we’re now paying the price for.”

“It was like we thought for sure it could go on forever and there was going to be no price and you could just [have] exponential growth. Then it could keep going, and all of this excess,” she continued.

Jenkins added, “It was like we thought for sure it could go on forever and there was going to be no price and you could just [have] exponential growth. Then it could keep going, and all of this excess.”

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Wonder Woman 1984 Associate Producer Anna Obropta added her own comments claiming the film’s title was chosen because it “was at the people of [America’s] power and its pride.”

Obropta continued, “It was everything commercialism, passion, wealth, even violence was in excess. It was a decade of greed and desire.”

“It was humanity at its best and at its worst,” she added.

Along with Obropta and Jenkins’ comments, Collider’s Nick Romano, who spoke with Jenkins and Obropta during a set visit, also claimed the film’s villain is capitalism.

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He wrote, “Who is the villain of this next chapter? Well, there are multiple antagonists, but the real enemy, one might argue, is capitalism.”

Romano would also claim that the film will feature parallels between Pedro Pascal’s villain Maxwell Lord and Donald Trump.

He wrote, “Expect parallels between Max and Trump. Photos of the fired reality TV star with a trail of bankruptcy filings adorn costume designer Lindy Hemming’s work space.”

Costume designer Lindy Hemming would seemingly confirm these parallels telling Romano, “Well, that’s helpful to look at, isn’t it? There is something about the period of Donald Trump and being a businessman, of being rather sleazy a little bit, and a bit goofy and a lot of talk. So that’s why he’s there. There’s more but I ought to just…”

What do you make of Gadot’s recent comments? Do you think Wonder Woman 1984 will attempt to lecture its audience on politics?

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