Ruby Rose Reveals More About Her Departure From Batwoman

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Former Batwoman star Ruby Rose is going into greater detail about why she left The CW series after the first season.

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Rose was a guest on Jimmy Fallon this week and she clarified she didn’t bail out with no notice to producers or the network.

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“I didn’t up and leave,” she told Fallon. “We were in such a weird position because we had to shut down before we could finish the season because of COVID.”

Rose reveals she had a talk with executive producer Greg Berlanti after some deep contemplation while in quarantine. They concluded they’d gone as far as they could with Kate Kane, despite the fact Kate is the one and only in the comics.

“I ended up talking to Warner Bros. and Greg and where the show was going and we really just kind of had a really honest good chat where we sort of mutually agreed that Kate Kane and her story and everything, we had done what we set out to do,” Rose stated.

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She then discussed her replacement, Javicia Leslie who plays the original character, Ryan Wilder, whom Rose is excited to see.

“I had a blast and I do really feel like it was right for the show to pass the mantle on to someone else now,” Rose admitted. “There’s going to be many iterations of Batwoman and I’m really proud of it and I can’t wait to watch Season 2.”

She later stopped by SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show to chat more about Batwoman. Rose explained her neck injury often blamed for cutting her stint short had little to do with her decision.

“It wasn’t that,” the actress said. “I mean, that definitely made going back to work so quickly tricky.”

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They accommodated her as best they could. “They really accommodated trying to help me out the best they could, going back so early,” she continued. “We wanted to obviously meet the release date of the show.”

“I think what played a bigger part was more, we got shut down early,” Rose added. “We didn’t get to finish the first season, which is such a shame, especially for a first season show.”

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She reiterated to Jess Cagle she, Berlanti, and Warner Bros. agreed it was the right thing for Rose to hang it up and go in a new direction. Everything, again, had been accomplished with Kate Kane, in their opinion.

Rose finished her answer saying she “is sad” waving goodbye to Batwoman but also “excited for everything else that’s coming up.”

Rose is in a new movie, The Doorman, co-starring Morgan Freeman.

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