The Snyder Cut of Justice League could mean big things for the restart of Zack Snyder’s DC Extended Universe and Superman in particular.

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Mikey Sutton tells us in a new scoop that not only is Man of Steel 2 in the offing if The Snyder Cut performs as expected, but DC Films is considering a third movie as well.

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“What I’m hearing now is that Warner Bros. is not only going forward with Man of Steel 2 but a third Superman movie as well,” Sutton writes.

The door is likely to open with Henry Cavill signing a new deal for multiple films and cameos. Additionally, DC wants to stick with the continuity and story established all the way back in 2013 with the first MOS movie.

“The latter is particularly significant because it’s looking like a trilogy, one that is rooted in Zack Snyder’s first Man of Steel,” Sutton continues.

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He adds Cavill is set to return and “it would mean all three movies are continuing a storyline.” Is Snyder going to helm it? Sutton couldn’t get that answer although it fits the narrative.

Sutton scooped previously Snyder’s JL on HBO Max could very well lead to more Superman movies and a Justice League sequel or two – with new members being recruited over time – with Snyder or Patty Jenkins directing.

That is, with caution, as long as he wants it. Ben Affleck is rumored to be in a similar position with Batman but that’s another story.

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What story might they adapt for future MOS sequels? Cavill has stated in the past his fascination with the 2005 storyline “For Tomorrow” but Sutton says they could actually go with Red Son.

Yes, some liberties would be taken. Sutton notes, “On July 4, I leaked that an adaptation of Red Son was being discussed; the Mark Millar comic book is a favorite of Cavill’s. But this is sounding more like a completion of Snyder’s vision than an Elseworlds-inspired adventure.”

What that means for a live-action Red Son adaptation is anyone’s guess. Regardless, it’s sounding like Cavill and Snyder will be back to finish what they started, keeping Man of Steel and Snyder’s vision at the center of the DC franchise.

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