After months of conflicting reports, Ben Affleck sealed the deal and will cameo in The Flash as the Snyderverse Dark Knight. But it gets better. There is renewed chatter the actor/director’s willing to play Batman in a solo film under one very critical condition – he gets creative control.

We Got This Covered and their sources are saying once again Affleck is open to coming back for that elusive standalone feature after Flash wraps as long as he has that precious creative control.

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Batman - Flash

The site’s vaunted “intel” told them the pitch is now for a prequel to Batman v. Superman so the story will not be weighed down with continuity.

Originally, rumors spread Affleck’s script for The Batman would be adapted for an HBO Max feature or miniseries. It sounds like that isn’t in the cards anymore though WGTC asserts the prequel is likely going to be a Max Original.

Last we heard, HBO Max is interested in the further adventures of Batfleck but the ball was in Affleck’s court. Potential hinged on the success of The Snyder Cut of Justice League too.

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Ben Affleck Batman

WGTC’s report says further that AT&T is the one pushing for Affleck to be in more stuff as Batman beyond the Flash cameo. The WarnerMedia parent company was also the one who pressed for the return of Michael Keaton, and so much more when it came to DC.

Affleck was initially positioned to direct, co-write, and executive produce as well as star in The Batman. That feat and level of commitment are unheard of in the superhero genre. Even when Matt Reeves came aboard, he undertook three of those responsibilities.

Then everything changed at Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment once Zack Snyder was out of the equation. The Argo filmmaker held on but was consumed again by his old demons and bowed out. Very clear, public and repeated statements were made from then on he was no longer Batman and “couldn’t crack” his script.

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Ben Affleck Batman

The part about creative control is intriguingly telling. It’s alleged Geoff Johns put a lot of people in a tough spot when he was in charge of DC Entertainment. Also alleged is Ben Affleck was forced out of The Batman and the DC Extended Universe by Johns.

Desiring control over the direction his Caped Crusader heads gives credence to the speculation Affleck’s time under the cowl was undone by drama and politicking behind the scenes.

Be advised, that last observation and the above claims are marked as rumor so remember to apply the proper grains of salt.