Rumors of Cameos in The Flash Gain Steam — Are More Batmen on the Way?

The Flash producers are looking for every excuse for Ezra Miller to run into multiple Supermen from different worlds as Barry Allen, even Nicolas Cage’s Man of Steel that never reached fruition.

But that’s not all. Now it seems, according to FandomWire, they are pushing harder for every Batman short of Robert Pattinson to make a cameo as well.

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Ezra Miller-The Flash continues

Word from FW’s sources is Val Kilmer, who starred in Batman Forever, and George Clooney, star of Batman & Robin, are being approached about guest-starring as their Bruce Wayne.

Kilmer’s scheduled appearance in a DC FanDome panel and raging chatter about restoring and releasing Joel Schumacher’s original cut of Batman Forever make him a greater possibility than Clooney, they say.

Chris O’Donnell, who played Dick Grayson and Robin opposite Kilmer and Clooney, may tag along as well. The report maintains that the NCIS: LA star “is also being approached to reprise his Robin.”

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Batman and Robin on Ice

Producers are also reportedly “keen to try and get Christian Bale to show up” when Barry lands on the Earth established by Christopher Nolan and David Goyer in their celebrated trilogy.

“There is word that producers want him [Barry] to stop quickly into Nolan’s Gotham City,” FW’s story says. If Bale can’t or won’t commit the hypothetical way around that is “since Batman is technically ‘Dead’ in that timeline, Barry might see a newspaper explaining Batman is dead.”

Bale’s Wayne let Gotham think he sacrificed himself in The Dark Knight Rises to stop Bane and Talia, though the film makes it abundantly clear he faked his death and ran off with Catwoman.

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Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are set for appearances under the cape and cowl in Flash; and, moreover, FandomWire bolsters reports Nicolas Cage will finally get to play Superman in what they call a “Super Surprise Cameo” and a major spoiler.

Smallville star Tom Welling may get the same honor despite the apocalyptic events of CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. No sign Brandon Routh’s phone is ringing.

One more CW figure, Grant Gustin, could show up as well. FW and their sources are only the latest to report a conceivable reunion of the two Flashes.

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Wonder Woman in Flash

As previously reported, Gal Gadot is rumored for a cameo as Wonder Woman and expect Ray Fisher to reprise Cyborg irrespective of his increasingly antagonistic relationship with Warner Bros.

There is a reported good chance the studio reboots their DC cinematic multiverse with The Flash and seeds a new Justice League that recruits Shazam, Blue Beetle, and John Stewart as its resident Green Lantern.

The Flash will speedily hit theaters in June of 2022, COVID lockdowns willing.

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