Some amateur footage is coming out from the set of The Batman, which is still shooting over in Liverpool, and – while the video doesn’t get as close as the new images – it shows some interesting things.

The footage was taken by fans during the filming of the funeral scene at St. George’s Hall (said to be for Gotham’s Mayor). Uploaded to social media, they capture some of the aftermaths of that pivotal sequence.

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The Batman basic plot

In the first video, people are milling about the stairs waiting for the director to say action. On cue, they do a take where everyone starts running.

Give the clip a view.

The feeling is this is the same scene in the trailer – and mentioned in leaks – crashed by The Riddler’s next victim and his latest letter to the Dark Knight.

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If Edward Nygma/Nashton did send somebody in there with a bomb strapped to his chest, that explains why everyone is fleeing, so the conclusion is sound. 

Video from another angle gives a better look at the crew as well as Bruce Wayne’s Corvette that showed up in the prior photos.

Lastly, a video was captured of the Caped Crusader preparing to leap off the ledge of a cathedral-like structure.

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This is more of a pose as we don’t see him actually jump. The person in the Batsuit is probably a stuntman and he has some noticeable size on Robert Pattinson – at least it looks that way.

Pattinson could be wearing the suit there but it’s unlikely especially if the burdensome rumor Matt Reeves isn’t impressed with the Lighthouse star’s size after months in isolation.

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Pattinson’s physique is a concern that may ruin the film. His behavior on set and friction with Reeves, speculative as it is, doesn’t help either.

Regardless, The Batman’s production is moving forward in the middle of the pandemic, which is a miracle in itself. A trilogy is reportedly planned but this film could be one and done if everything we’ve heard is true.

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