Rumor: The Batman Is In Trouble — Could Get Shut Down Again, Sequels In Jeopardy

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Holy Pandemics, Batman! The delays and constant woes of Matt Reeves’ The Batman may not be over and could be worse than we all thought.

The Batman's Robert Pattinson Tested Positive for COVID-19, Film Production to Resume After Two Weeks

We all know the production is troubled – some will say it was doomed from the start – but sources who leaked information to YouTube personality Dicktor Van Doomcock claim we don’t know the half of the severity.

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For one thing, the media could be covering for star Robert Pattinson. A contact with knowledge of the production reported to Doomcock’s agents the Variety report Pattinson came down with coronavirus, leading to a shutdown, was inaccurate.

Instead, the truth, the source claims, is the actor failed to get in superhero shape during the time he had off in quarantine prior to the return to set.

It got out earlier this year Pattinson was getting by “barely doing anything,” in his own words, while staying in an apartment afforded him by Warner Bros. when he was supposed to be working out.

He defended himself saying “James Dean wasn’t exactly ripped” and ScreenRant published a feature coming to his defense as well, explaining why Pattinson deserves a little slack.

Related: The Batman’s Robert Pattinson Tested Positive for COVID-19, Film Production to Resume After Two Weeks

Robert Pattinson Batman

In their piece, SR called to the carpet the “societally-mandated physique” deemed “the ‘right one’ for a superhero.” A different take, sure, but Doomcock says critics were right to have their doubts.

When he showed up for work in September, director Reeves took one look at Pattinson’s conditioning and lost it. Reeves – outraged his star “didn’t do sh–” – stopped production and sent Pattinson home for a few more weeks to “get toned” or in believable shape.

Filming paused on Sept. 3rd when someone believed to be Pattinson tested positive for COVID and didn’t resume until Sept. 17th. Doomcock’s source says that was all a ruse to cover up the real reason.

On the week of Sept. 21st, they were filming with the stuntmen – who noticeably dwarf Pattinson – before their lead actor was to come back in for close-ups and dialogue.

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The Batman's Robert Pattinson Tested Positive for COVID-19, Film Production to Continue After Two Weeks

Now it’s October and when the calendar turned it was clear Pattinson hadn’t done as he was told. He returned to set with no palpable change physically and is described as “a stick” when dressed as Bruce Wayne.

And Pattinson, a reported pain to work with, is the problem. He refuses to work out and allegedly complains about how uncomfortable the Batsuit is.

Reeves is said to be at his wit’s end with the Twilight actor and “just going with it.” Frustrated especially people will notice Batman miraculously shrink between shots, the filmmaker wants to finish the film only so he can be rid of the “albatross” around his neck.

His desire to move on, says the source, indicates The Batman will be “one and done.” Any plans for a sequel or trilogy are getting scrapped. But things don’t end there.

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Matt Reeves during "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" - Warner Bros.

Doomcock had more intel and it only gets worse. The Batman could be circling another shutdown if the UK moves forward with further anti-COVID measures.

That was on Oct. 1st; Doomcock received an update on the 5th. His source told him there was a cast meeting and a crew meeting that day.

While a shutdown hadn’t been announced yet, Doomcock learned of new guidelines The Batman had to follow. The number of people on set, for one, had to be limited, as did the number of hours cast and crew were allowed to work.

Furthermore, anyone not masked up at all times faces the threat of fines and jail time. Warner Bros., in response, adds the insider, is scouting for new places to shoot.

In summary, The Batman sounds like it’s in deep, deep trouble. Be advised, though, Doomcock has yet to independently verify the accuracy of the info and urges it to be regarded as a rumor. Grains of salt are mandatory.

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