After yesterday’s news that The Batman was temporarily shutting down production after an unknown member of the crew tested positive for the COVID-19 Coronavirus, the identity of the infected individual has been revealed.


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It turns out that star Robert Pattinson is the individual who tested positive, according to Vanity Fair. He is now out for a two-week period as the studio carries out contact tracing.

Though it was initially reported shooting was going to resume as long as the scenes did not directly involve Pattinson, Vanity Fair has confirmed that filming is not expected to continue until the full two-weeks have elapsed.

The Batman's Robert Pattinson Tested Positive for COVID-19, Film Production to Continue After Two Weeks

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Crew members have begun to build new sets and props as production of The Batman has been moved indoors to a controlled sound stage.

While conditions in London, where the film is currently being filmed, are improving, the studio has taken these extra measures to work around the pandemic and prevent an outbreak on the set.

The Batman's Robert Pattinson Tested Positive for COVID-19, Film Production to Resume After Two Weeks

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In their initial statement, Warner Bros. simply stated that “a member of ‘The Batman’ production has tested positive for Covid-19, and is isolating in accordance with established protocols,” and noted that “filming is temporarily paused.

Warner Bros.’s statement did not clarify it was Pattinson who tested positive, only that someone had and they were respecting their privacy.


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An insider who spoke to The Daily Mail alleged that Pattinson showed up for work with a fever and was told to go home and get tested and stated that filming is reportedly moving to a new location to stave off further infections, while people who didn’t have contact with him will be allowed to return to the set.

“Everyone was looking forward to getting back to work and its come as a blow that production has stopped just three days after we began filming,” the insider said. “We have all been told to stand down until further notice and we are not expecting to be back filming for at least two weeks.”

The insider also joked that “there is an irony to all this in that you would think Batman would be immune seeing as it all started from bats,” in reference to the Wuhan, China origins of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

The Batman's Robert Pattinson Tested Positive for COVID-19, Film Production to Continue After Two Weeks

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This latest pause, says the insider, could cost the studio up to $6 million.

Production on The Batman is currently centered at the Warner Bros. studio at Leavesden in Hertfordshire. Principal photography just restarted after a five-month hiatus before shutting down again.

What do you think of The Batman’s schedule change? Do you think it will be able to get back on schedule, or will it see further delays? Do you think any other stars of the film have been infected? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!