Catwoman to Robert Pattinson’s Batman in The Batman, Zoe Kravitz, talked about her costar and playing the feline felon in a recent interview.

On the “The Big Ticket” iHeartRadio podcast, Kravitz was asked why Pattinson is the perfect Batman.

Catwoman Zoe Kravitz

She started giving props to his acting, “Good question. First of all, he’s just a really good actor. He started out as this kind of teen pop sensation, and then I think we all kind of saw through his work that there was a lot more going on.

She continued, “He’s a really interesting artist, and that is very much Batman in a way.”

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She added he is good at the front of Bruce Wayne and a “Batman in the shadows.” Plus, she said he looks good in a suit:

“We have the illusion of Bruce Wayne, and then we have Batman in the shadows that has a lot more complicated things going on. So just in that, I think he’s perfect for this role. He can relate in that way, and he looks good in the suit, man. He looks good in the suit.”

Kravitz also praised Pattinson’s jawline which might get a laugh from some readers but it is essential for the cowl. “That’s a good jawline,” she said.


The actress then addressed what a hard and restricting role Batman is and how creative and up for playing it Pattinson is.

Kravitz explained, “But he’s just a great actor and he brings so much to everything he does. I think that it’s a really hard role because people are expecting a lot.

She continued, “Also it’s restricting in a lot of ways. You’re wearing the suit, and you can’t see their eyes, and you can only move in a certain way. So you have to get really creative in terms of how can you portray a multidimensional character?”

“He’s way up for the challenge and has really interesting ideas already. I think he’s perfect, perfect casting,” Kravitz stated.

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Kravitz also revealed she spoke to her idol as far as Catwoman actresses are concerned, Michelle Pfeiffer:

“I spoke to Michelle. We sat at the same table at the Golden Globes, and I’ve met her a bunch over the years because of David E. Kelley. She’d always been so nice. I had just gotten cast so I was really nervous to be around her, and she was so sweet. She just gave me a big hug and said, ‘You’re going to be great.’ That was really just amazing.”

Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway reached out and showed their approval for Kravitz’s casting on social media:

“Both Halle and Anne [Hathaway] were really sweet on Instagram and Twitter. [They] sent really sweet, encouraging messages when that was announced. So I feel supported by my girls.”

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Kravitz also mentioned her reaction to landing the role along with the pressure she feels.

She stated, “It’s cool, man. It’s cool. I can’t say it wasn’t cool, but I’ve been really trying to not think too much about just what that character means to everybody else. Just because it can be distracting in the wrong way, especially when you’re trying to become someone else.”

“When the announcement came out that I had gotten this role, my phone rang more than it has ever. More than my birthday, more than my wedding, more than anything. So I felt that immediate pressure,” she added.

Kravitz then praised the script and story, “The script is phenomenal. The story’s really strong. I feel very clear on who Selena is and what she wants, and I’m trying to stay more focused on that.”

We haven’t gotten a peek at the way Catwoman’s costume will look in The Batman but a leak claims it is like unto leather biker chic with a jacket. As for a basis for the portrayal, Kravitz has mentioned Batman Returns and Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One in the past.

Zoe Kravitz’s turn as Catwoman will hit screens in Oct. 2021.