The Batman re-enters production in Liverpool, UK, where it was originally scheduled to pick up filming back in March before global lockdowns began.

The Batman Theory-Riddler is Antihero

Streets are being used to portray parts of Gotham City, says local paper The Liverpool Echo.

In fact, Gotham City police cars can be seen as well as barriers that read “Gotham City Police Department.”

There are also media vans from Gotham. One appears to be from Gotham City One.

The city’s St. George’s Hall is repurposed for a memorial to the character played by Rupert Penry-Jones.

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“Flowers and tributes have been adorned on the stairs, as well as a framed picture,” reports the Echo, and “An American flag and police cars could also be spotted.”

We tread upon spoiler territory here. Penry-Jones probably is one of The Riddler’s victims, maybe even Gotham’s Mayor or the guy in the trailer if they aren’t one and the same.

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Robert Pattinson showed up too with dark brown hair wearing all black, fitting the funeral motif.

It also fits they are likely finishing the scene in the trailer where a bomber crashes proceedings with another riddle addressed to Batman.

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Pattinson’s ride parked out front got almost as much attention as he did. It’s Bruce Wayne’s car – not the car, as in the Batmobile, but another from the playboy’s huge collection.

A few alterations and that set of wheels would make a fine Batmobile.

Pattinson wasn’t the only actor to show up on set. Colin Farrell’s Penguin was also seen.

And so Was Zoe Kravitz’s Selina Kyle.

Director Matt Reeves announced before the pandemic and lockdowns that Liverpool was going to provide the location for Gotham City – although new COVID protocols in place in Britain could change those plans.

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Matt Reeves

Warner Bros. is said to be secretly scouting new places to film should shooting fail to continue unabated across the pond.

The Liverpool Echo reports the bulk of the remaining 75% of principal photography is expected to be conducted in the home of The Beatles, nonetheless.

Filming there will be conducted between October 12th and 16th if all goes according to plan. CGI will aid in the expansion of downtown Gotham for the final product, as is so often the case on a major shoot.

The Batman has a little more time to get things as pristine as possible now that it’s been moved from an Oct. 2021 release date to March of 2022.

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