New Report Claims Zack Snyder Wanted Hal Jordan To Be Green Lantern In Justice League

Green Lantern in the Snyder Cut

We’ve heard it and said it before but always with a caveat. Hal Jordan was supposed to bear the ring of a Green Lantern in the DC Extended Universe starting in – or continuing, technically – Justice League.

Reshoots obviously changed things and gave us a nondescript Lantern protecting BC Earth. But Hal was always Zack Snyder’s plan according to the folks at LightCast Podcast. 

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Taylor Murphy, also founder of The Cultured Nerd, confirms Hal was in the script, backing up information Kevin Smith shared on his Fatman Beyond podcast.

“He [Snyder] had Hal Jordan in his original script…in his original plans and people who think that I’m a liar saying that this wasn’t there, Kevin Smith has talked about this exact fact three or four f***ng times now,” Murphy explained. “I’m just repeating what Kevin Smith has said.”

Kevin Smith Crying

He adds Hal was “a major focal part” and originally present in the script stage in the scene where Jeremy Irons as Alfred heard “he” would come. Kevin Smith described the same scene with the additional detail of a green light to signify Jordan.

The problem is we found out this summer that scene was between Alfred and Superman in the black suit. There’s footage to prove it.

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To be fair, this doesn’t mean a scene between Alfred and Hal wasn’t in the script or even filmed. A lot of material involving Earth’s Emerald Knight is allegedly slated for The Snyder Cut; some of it’s being filmed right now.

Smith also claimed he heard Justice League 2 was going cosmic and taking the fight to Darkseid on Apokolips with Hal in the fray. Speculation circulates he is involved in The Snyder Cut’s final battle as well.

Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern in the Snyder Cut

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Snyder dropped hints Green Lantern is part of his League during the hoopla to get his Cut released, so there is something to all this. He went so far as to cast an actor to play Hal but he had to give the guy an uncredited part as a soldier.

Hal Jordan’s arc will be realized in the latest round of reshoots and added to Zack Snyder’s JL but expect a big name in Ryan Reynolds to wear the ring, if at all.

We’ve also heard Hal Jordan’s entry into the DCEU is a long way off and will be preceded by John Stewart.

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