New Rumor Provides Update On Black Adam’s Doctor Fate

Black Adam is getting its cast together but we haven’t heard much about who is circling a critical role: that of Justice Society member Doctor Fate.

Fortunately, there is an update on that front. The Illuminerdi is saying the filmmakers have narrowed their search to a specific type.

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Casting information the site obtained tells them Warner Bros. wants a male performer, probably white this time, in his thirties to portray the magical hero.

Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer

They specifically want a “Sam Rockwell-type” but not the Moon and Iron Man 2 actor himself. At 51, it’s easy to see why; Rockwell is far from the desired age range even if he can pass for younger.

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Illuminerdi looks at Rockwell as a “prototype” and, to them, name-dropping him is an implication the studio is looking for someone who can balance the comedic and the serious with the right blend of charisma.

Doctor Fate

Which Fate the still-sought-after proto-Rockwellian will play isn’t official, but there is one suspect high on the list. Previous rumors and casting notices have indicated it’s Kent Nelson, the original and Golden Age Doctor.

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Nelson and his father Sven discovered the tomb of Nabu the Wise in the Mesopotamian Valley of Ur. Kent opened the tomb and it emitted a poison gas, killing his dad.

Nabu Fate

Nabu took away Kent’s grief by making him his protege in the ways of sorcery. He bestowed upon Kent the amulet, cloak, and helmet of Doctor Fate, and trained him to be a Lord of Order.

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A founding member of the Justice Society, Fate has powers of temporal, reality, and molecular manipulation along with telepathy and telekinesis. He also has a dual, Jekyll-and-Hyde nature owing to the instability of his helmet.


Illuminerdi’s casting description says in Black Adam Kent is a “kind academic” but a “terrifying force of nature who sounds and acts totally different” under it.

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Skewing younger when it was initially believed they wanted someone in the 40-50 range for Doctor Fate is a sign Warner might have big plans for the character down the road, if he clicks with audiences.

Doctor Fate-Smallville

Doctor Fate has a notable history in other media. He’s appeared on Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League: Unlimited, in live-action on Smallville, and was referenced on Stargirl.

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