Artist Dylan R. Fagan Redesigns DC Comics Mandy Koriand’r, The Daughter of Starfire

Artist Dylan R. Fagan redesigned DC Comics’ newest character Mandy Koriand’r, the daughter of Starfire.

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DC Comics recently revealed Mandy Koriand’r in a press release obtained by Bleeding Cool for their upcoming new young adult graphic novel by Mariko Tamaki and Yoshi Yoshitano titled I am Not Starfire.

The press release revealed that Mandy Koriand’r is a 17-year-old high school student who attempts to distance herself from her mother.

In order to do so she dyes her bright orange hair black and appears to take her style choices from Wednesday Addams rather than her mother.

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The cover of the book reveals Mandy wears zip-up combat boots, black tights, a black skirt with white buttons down the middle, a black top, and a very odd sweatshirt.

The sweatshirt appears to have a hood in the back, but the odd part about it is that it doesn’t actually cover her chest, instead if only goes to just below her neck still allowing for her to have a boob window and show off her cleavage.

See for yourself.

Artist Dylan Fagan saw the design of Mandy Koriand’r and decided to do a redesign.

He posted his redesign to his official Facebook page writing, “Don’t mind me, just making horrible ideas into cute ones.”

You can take a look at his design below.

Mandy Koriand’r is not the first child of Starfire in DC Comics history. 

Most famously, she had a child with Dick Grayson aka Robin in Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ iconic Kingdom Come miniseries. Their child’s name was Mar’i Grayson and she went by Nightstar.

Nightstar would join Batman’s Outsiders team and even opposed her own father who joined Superman’s Justice League.

Koriand’r would have another child with Dick Grayson in Kyle Higgins and Trevor McCarthy’s Nightwing: New Order. 

They would have a son named Jacob “Jake” Grayson. He would be primarily raised by his father as Starfire left him when he was young.

However, he would be reunited with his mother after his father teams up with his former Teen Titans allies to free him from a government facility after he was taken there when they discovered he had superpowers. 

What do you make of Fagan’s redesign of Mandy Koriand’r? Which of Starfire’s children is your favorite?

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