Actor Jamie Foxx appeared to backtrack on his involvement in the forthcoming Spider-Man 3 film in recent comments.

Back in October, Foxx appeared to confirm rumors that he would be taking part in Spider-Man and returning to play Electro, a character he previously portrayed in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opposite Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man.

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Those rumors initially came from The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit who claimed that Foxx was “in final talks  to reprise the role for the latest Spider-Man installment, starring Tom Holland and being made by Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures.”

Foxx appeared to confirm them when he posted to his Instagram Story a screen shot of Keith Jefferso congratulating him on returning to the role of Electro for Spider-Man 3.

He then appeared to fully confirm the rumors in a now-deleted Instagram post where he wrote, “Tell Spidey let’s run it back!…super excited to be part of the new marvel Spider-Man new installment… can’t wait for ya’ll to check the new one.”

Foxx added, “And I won’t be blue in this one!! But a thousand percent badass!!!”

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Not only did he appear to fully confirm the rumors, but he even fueled Spider-Verse rumors as he shared an image depicting Electro overlooking three different Spider-Man characters with one looking like Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, another being Miles Morales, and the third being similar to Tom Holland’s version.

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However, Foxx appears to be backtracking on this confirmation.

Speaking with Cinema Blend, Foxx was asked about his involvement in Spider-Man 3 where he stated, “You are absolutely right I cannot speak on it. I mean if I’m in it, I’ll be so happy.”

While Foxx is now being ambiguous about his involvement in the film, it’s hard to believe he would exit after previously confirming he would be returning to play Electro.

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It’s more than likely that Marvel Studios got to the actor and put in place their super secretive practices that they are known for. The fact that he deleted the Instagram post definitely points to that.

What do you make of Foxx’s comments? Do you think he’s just being coy with the media? Do you think Marvel Studios dropped the hammer down on him after he confirmed his involvement?”