A new Star Wars rumor claims to reveal who will play the live-action version of Grand Admiral Thrawn in The Mandalorian.

The rumor comes from Small Screen and writer Edward Lauder.

Grand Admiral Thrawn was recently name-dropped in The Mandalorian Chapter 13 The Jedi.

In that episode, Ahsoka Tano demands to know the whereabouts of Grand Admiral Thrawn from Diana Lee Inosanto’s Morgan Elsbeth.

It’s pretty clear that Tano is seeking out Thrawn. And the last time we actually saw the character appear in Disney’s current Star Wars canon was at the end of Star Wars Rebels.

In Star Wars Rebels, Thrawn is last seen in the clutches of Ezra Bridger who is using the Force to control a group of Purrgil that had been summoned to Lothal by Mart Mattin, Wolffe, and Cikatro Vizago.

Upon taking control of the Purrgil, Bridger uses them to trap Thrawn and his Imperial fleet that includes Thrawn’s Chimaera. He then proceeds to jump to hyperspace with Thrawn and the Imperial fleet in tow.

It appears that Thrawn might make an appearance in live-action sooner rather than later and that he is rumored to be played by Lars Mikkelsen, the actor who voiced Grand Admiral Thrawn on Star Wars Rebels.

Lauder writes, “It’s being reported to us by sources supposedly close to Lucasfilm that Lars Mikkelsen is currently in talks to play a live-action Grand Admiral Thrawn in The Mandalorian and also reportedly other future Star Wars live-action properties.”

He went on to state, “I now can say that multiple sources whom I do trust and have close ties to Lucasfilm have told me Mikkelsen is in talks to play the live-action version of Thrawn.”

Lauder’s first source told him, “Lucasfilm is currently in talks with Lars Mikkelsen to play Thrawn in live-action. This will be for a future season of their hit Disney Plus Star Wars show, The Mandalorian.”

A second source would also state, “Yes. I can confirm that Lars Mikkelsen is currently deep in talks with Lucasfilm and Disney to play Thrawn in live-action. My information is that he will be debuting in The Mandalorian and then appear in a future spinoff Star Wars live-action series. Early days though.”

This source also detailed that Thrawn could appear in the rumored Ahsoka Tano series. The source stated, “That’s the idea.”

Lauder also claims that a third source told him that Thrawn would appear in The Mandalorian as well as other Star Wars TV properties.

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Thrawn was previously rumored to make the jump to live-action in a scoop from Mikey Sutton back in May.

Sutton detailed at the time, “I’ve held onto this for months now, and I’m tired of waiting for additional details to put this out. Thrawn will make his live-action debut, I am told, possibly in the next two years.”

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Sutton would follow up that scoop with one in September claiming that Thrawn will be the main villain for a Star Wars Rebels live-action theatrical film.

He explained, “According to a source, the film will include characters introduced on the Rebels animated show and the Big Bad is going to be Grand Admiral Thrawn.”

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There’s also a rumor that Thrawn’s story with Bridger will continue in an alleged Star Wars Rebels sequel animated series.

That rumor from Reddit user TheThrowAwayEwok detailed that Bridger and Thrawn will become unlikely allies as they find themselves caught up in a war between the Chiss Ascendancy and the Grysk.

The rumor claimed the show would primarily be set on the Chiss home planet of Csilla located in the Unknown Regions.

What do you make of this latest rumor that Lars Mikkelsen will reprise his role as Grand Admiral Thrawn in live-action?