Amber Heard is sticking around as Mera and may have a future as a dominant recurring female in the DC Extended Universe. She’s rumored to have taken part in the reshoots conducted recently by Zack Snyder to finish Justice League, and there’s more.

Amber Heard

Scooper Daniel Richtman reported on his Patreon that Heard participated and her part became more important. So much so, Mera is replacing Aquaman and Jason Momoa in an extended Knightmare scene.

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“In the Snyder Cut Mera has the trident in the Knightmare future and is taking Aquaman’s spot on the JL,” claims Richtman. 

Jason Momoa Aquaman

Remember for now this is a rumor and requires ample applications of salt. It also doesn’t mean Heard is replacing Momoa on the team outside of this one instance – should a sequel happen.

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Other scoops, however, laid out that Warner Bros. wants to promote diversity and capitalize, to that end, on the status of Mera in the DCEU. They want her to be second to Wonder Woman among franchise heroines geared toward the PG-13 demo cornered by Disney, and to possibly lead her own movie.

In the words of the immortal Tony Stark, “Not a great plan.”

Amber Heard is so scandalous right now to the point she is, safe to say, anathema to a sizable portion of the fandom. If her presence in Aquaman 2 and The Snyder Cut grows, it’s bound to turn them off and make them abstain from seeing either of those films – which Warner Bros. is counting on being hits.

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WB, if committed to keeping Aquaman and Justice League viable commodities to their balance sheet, should be wary of the thin ice they’re about to skate on.

Between COVID policies that shut down theater exhibition and the recent decision to move an entire slate of tentpoles to HBO Max without the approval of investors or much notice, their worries are mounting.

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Snyder Cut Justice

Justice League: The Snyder Cut debuts on HBO Max in 2021. Though no specific release date has been given by Warner Bros., it might hit the service sooner than expected.

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