Amidst all the rumors and scoops concerning the future of the DCEU’s Justice League, a new listing on IMDB has provided furthers hint that at least one sequel to Zack Snyder’s superhero team-up film is set to move forward.

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Yesterday, an IMDb listing for “Justice League Part Two” listed the film’s status as ‘announced’, though this has since been changed during the course of this article’s composition to read ‘unknown’.

While the film’s plot is also currently listed as “unknown”, the story and screenplay are identified as being written by Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio, the creative team behind Batman v. Superman and both the theatrical and Snyder Cut releases of Justice League.

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According to the page, so far only Gal Gadot and Joe Manganiello are cast for the film, as Wonder Woman and Deathstroke, respectively.

However, under the film’s ‘Trivia’ tab, IMDb users have shared that the team’s rumored membership will include the original line-up of  Superman,  Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash, with new additions in the form of Manhunter, Green Lantern, and Shazam – though Gadot is ostensibly the only name currently attached.

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It has been heavily speculated that the Darkseid would be the likely main villain in any Justice League sequel, especially in the wake of Batman v Superman’s infamous ‘Knightmare’ sequence and Snyder’s own publicly discussed ideas for continuing the franchise, but IMDb users believe the tyrannical New God could be saved for a later film in favor of the Injustice League.

Taking his place may be the Injustice League which fits with Deathstroke being in the sequel. Snyder and Terrio, though the chance is small, could decide to pivot and pay off the end-credit scene from Whedon’s version.

An Injustice League appearance would fit with Deathstroke’s appearance in the sequel, and thought the chance is relatively small, it’s possible Snyder and Terrio could decide to pivot from their plans and instead pay-off the end-credits scene from Whedon’s version of the first film.

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Ra’s al-Ghul is also rumored by IMDb users as the film’s villain, though whether they believe he’ll fill that role in Justice League 2 or in a future movie remains to be seen.

His appearance in the DCEU would take some work, as they would have to properly set him up before introducing him to such a large stage, but his potential presence in the film could open the door for Warner Bros. to give the Tower of Babel storyline, which previously inspired the Justice League: Doom animated film, the live-action treatment.

Additionally, a rumored alternate title for the film appears to be “Gods and Monsters” – indicating another possible direction the film could take, though most likely one with nothing to do with the alternate-history DC Animated Film of the same name.

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Details are scarce and any plot summary is speculative at this point, although the credible assumption is that audiences will see Darkseid and the fulfillment of the Knightmare scene in any sequel related to Snyder’s film.

Keep in mind that things change by the minute and, as much as The Snyder Cut’s success will be the judge, this supposed sequel may ultimately fail to get off the ground.


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It’s also worth noting that the film was listed as “announced” but not marked “in development.” When it is, if ever, the data will be invisible to the public – unless you have an IMDb Pro account – and Justice League Part Two will join other DC projects that entered the next phase of production.

A further word of caution to readers is that the film’s listed status in itself doesn’t mean much either. Among the DC movies in development and restricted by IMDb Pro are Green Lantern Corps, Supergirl, Batgirl, Lobo, an untitled Superman movie, Nightwing, Blue Beetle, Deathstroke, and Plastic Man.

Each one of these rumored projects is either caught in limbo, all but canceled, or – as is the case with Plastic Man – a movie nobody wants.

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