Two new scoops have it that Zack Snyder’s fully realized vision of a shared DC universe could very well move beyond his Cut of Justice League.

Inside sources of Mikey Sutton of Geekosity Mag say “early talks of a Justice League sequel” restarted, hinging on The Snyder Cut’s success. Additionally, Man of Steel 2 is strongly suggested to be in the cards as well.

Zack Snyder Justice League

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Pop Culture Minefield covered these two possibilities in a recent video:

Big Fans of Justice

So, Justice League 2 talks “have begun anew,” claim Sutton’s sources. “Whether Zack Snyder is involved or not remains to be seen,” they continue. But if his Justice League is the smash HBO Max and WarnerMedia are hoping for, then any deal “will be his to turn down.”

Putting Shazam on the team is being considered and they, especially Superman, will need his added strength against the Legion of Doom. Recall the Legion figuring into a JL sequel has come up before in the rumor mill.

Should this come to pass, it is more in line with the post-credit stinger tacked onto the controversial Joss Whedon cut of the first film. Casting, moreover, would be massive.

Now, if it sounds like the stage is being set for the DC Extended Universe to make a roaring comeback, that’s because it is. And we have AT&T and Dwayne Johnson to thank.

Dwayne-Johnson-Black-Adam-DCEU-1 (1)

When Johnson signed on to play Black Adam, adds the scoop, he did so with the expectation he would slug it out with Shazam and Henry Cavill’s Superman. Rebooting everything prevents that and would put a dent in the magnitude of debuting the Justice Society (confirmed for Black Adam at DC FanDome and existing concurrently with the League).

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The Rock is also a fan of Snyder and the shared universe concept which he thinks he can spearhead the way Robert Downey, Jr., did the MCU.

“The Rock made his feelings known,” Sutton reported, and The People’s Champ apparently gets what he wants. Warner Bros. better know their role.

Conversely, the multiverse model of standalone features is so “confusing” it might be scaled back despite The Flash, Michael Keaton returning to the cowl, and The Batman – which is separate like Joker.

Man of Steel

Man of Steel 2

According to Sutton’s second scoop, the interest surrounding The Snyder Cut turned into “a boiling desire” that benefits a Man of Steel sequel.

The hype train “reached its ultimate level,” his sources say. “Fans have become increasingly vocal about seeing it, the public excitement perhaps even exceeding that of the next Wonder Woman movie.”

Zack Snyder Justice League on HBO Max

This vocal public excitement and boiling desire reportedly moved the needle on AT&T’s “holding pattern” – a wait-and-see mentality – regarding Snyder and moving ahead with MOS2 and more.

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“I was told that they [Sutton’s sources] wouldn’t be surprised if Snyder is given not only Man of Steel 2 but a third as well, completing his cinematic book on the Kryptonian,” reads the scoop. Snyder then has a chance of finishing his planned five-movie arc for the Last Son of Krypton.

Pop Culture Minefield reads it as AT&T listening to the fans and telling a Hollywood in financial freefall “You’re doing it wrong.” And that wakeup call is spreading to CBS – trapped in a paradigm shift with Star Trek – and other entities.

There’s no way of knowing what happens until it does. Fortunately, The Snyder Cut’s debut on HBO Max is less than a year away.