The Justice League sequel indicated as in the cards by previous scoops may have some momentum. What’s more, Ben Affleck is rumored to star as Batman.

According to an exclusive by UK site Small Screen, Justice League 2 is moving forward and Affleck has signed on.

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Writer Edward Lauder claims multiple sources have told him this. He stresses they are anonymous and some didn’t wish to be directly quoted.

Ben Affleck Batman

“The deal has been signed,” said one source concerning Affleck reaching an agreement. “Ben Affleck is going to be returning as Batman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2.”

One other noted, “Ben Affleck and WarnerMedia have agreed on a deal that will see him star as the Dark Knight in Justice League 2.”

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It’s no shock to hear Affleck signed on for a sequel after his new contract was confirmed. He will reprise Batman starting in The Flash.

Batman - Flash

Plans could change. A different rumor hints that Batfleck might be killed off in the paradoxical time-jumping epic – so prepare for the worst.

Lauder adds the movie is at the script stage and Zack Snyder is writing it with Chris Terrio. He also says a source relayed WarnerMedia is courting the Justice League’s other cast members.

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Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, and even Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher are said to be in negotiations. Considering Fisher’s ongoing battle with the studio and Joss Whedon, this is surprising, if true. 

Justice League

Lauder repeats the now-common refrain Warner wants an event and series similar to Game of Thrones and other streaming staples for HBO Max.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League, in the middle of shooting additional scenes, will debut in 2021 in four parts. Warner is banking on it being a hit that will justify keeping the DC Snyderverse train running.

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The company also wants to boost the subscriber base of HBO Max; Lauder noted the count stands at over 8 million.

Zack Snyder Justice League on HBO Max

Streaming isn’t economically viable yet, especially for a corporation as deeply in debt as WarnerMedia, but they reportedly feel streaming is an alternative that will generate income for them over time.

The DC brand and its new content will aid in that, hopefully, and in netting more subscribers.

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Justice League 2 may head to HBO Max as an exclusive or a series but a theatrical run is definitely plausible once the COVID fears settle down, perhaps in a dual release strategy.

Affleck’s The Batman script getting adapted as an HBO Max miniseries is also rumored to be in the offing if The Snyder Cut is the gangbusters event Warner hopes for.

Snyder may additionally get to direct further sequels to Justice League and Man of Steel.