Rumor: Zack Snyder’s Justice League Could Get Long-Form Sequels on HBO Max

As previously reported, a superlative performance by Zach Snyder’s upcoming  cut of Justice League might very well lead to on HBO Max, and according to a new rumor, AT&T has some extensive plans for the future of DC’s premier super team.

Zack Snyder Justice League on HBO Max

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Geekosity’s Mikey Sutton relays in his latest JL scoop that, if the film’s HBO re-release goes swimmingly, WarnerMedia’s parent company will want a multiple films to come out of the release of Zack Snyder’s intended vision, as the known scooper notes that “The Snyder Cut might be the beginning of a Justice League trilogy for HBO Max.”

But, Sutton adds, the League won’t be appearing in a cinematic format, as per his insiders, AT&T reportedly want a limited series because that’s what catches subscribers to a service nowadays.

As speculated by Sutton, AT&T wants to emulate shows “like Stranger Things on Netflix and The Mandalorian on Disney+,” as these series drive “subscribers on these channels; they become addicted to them, keeps them watching on a weekly basis anticipating the next installment.”

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“What HBO Max is looking for is a superheroic Game of Thrones,” explains Sutton. ” Live-action graphic novels. When Snyder does continue Justice League, it will be in that format.”

However, though the scope of the rumored Justice League series extends beyond that of a feature-length film, Sutton also notes that the trilogy will maintain a cinematic feel and budget, as the longer format is better served to grant Snyder the time he needs to flesh out his story and build his characters – a goal of his that fans are well aware of.

Sutton hints Snyder will use the extra time “to develop Darkseid” and “bring Green Lantern into the team”, the latter of which has been previously rumored for The Snyder Cut, but as noted in our coverage of a separate Reynolds-related-rumor, these plans may not come to fruition due to both Ryan Reynolds’ schedule and Snyder’s preference for him to portray original ring-slinger Hal Jordan.

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Snyder will also have the freedom to push the envelope and flirt with an R-rating, as HBO will not hold him to the usual sensitivities that come with a theatrical release, allowing the director to create the trilogy without fear of reprisal.

It appears the continuity of said trilogy/limited series would coexist with Matt Reeves’ and Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, as it’s said there is also a desire amongst higher-ups for Henry Cavill’s Superman to eventually meet Pattinson’s Dark Knight.

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Again, everything hinges on how well The Snyder Cut performs when it releases in 2021. Lately, Snyder himself is of two minds on the subject, revealing that while he has sequels conceptualized and outlined, he’d also be “good” if he never gets to finish cultvating the story seeds he’s been planting in the DCEU since Man of Steel.

Would you like to see Justice League continue as a long-form series? Is the thought of more Snyderverse content tantalizing? Leave your opinion below!

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