Though Wonder Woman 1984 was screened for the press ahead of its newly scheduled Christmas release date, it seems that the critics offering their praise may not have seen everything the film has to offer.

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The film has been confirmed to have an end-credits scene that won’t be seen until the film premieres to the public, and while this sounds like nothing more than an unverified rumor, this reveal was confirmed by the Wonder Woman 1984 direct herself, Patty Jenkins.

Rumor: Patty Jenkins May Be Done with DC and Wonder Woman, Will Not Return for Third Movie

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She explained on the CinemaBlend ReelBlend podcast that the ending scene was withheld from screenings in order to “let that be something to save for the audience.”

However, what it entails, she won’t say. “God forbid, somebody writes about it, you’re like, ‘Well, then what fun was it? You know, now we should have just attached it to the end of the movie!'” said Jenkins.

Luckily for fans, the scene will reportedly not be withheld from either of the film’s distribution routes, with Jenkins noting that the scene will be attached to both the HBO Max on-demand and the theatrical releases.

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When a joke proposing the idea of making the post-credit scene an exclusive for theater-goers was brought up, due to Jenkins’ noted stance as a defender of physical theater attendance and the theater business itself, the director stated that while she appreciated the thought, she knew it wasn’t possible right now and wanted to avoid cheating a lot of the audience.

“I know. That would be smart,” she replied. “But we can’t do that with COVID right now. Too many people can’t (see it safely).”

CinemaBlend agreed, stating that presenting Wonder Woman 1984 for both stay-at-home viewers and those confident enough to head out to an open multiplex “is the best-case scenario for getting an anticipated blockbuster in front of DC fans who have been waiting years to see Gal Gadot’s next adventure in Wonder Woman’s boots.”

Wonder Woman 84 Still

It’s a dead horse to point out that the frequently delayed WW84 is venturing into uncharted territory as the spearhead of Warner Bros.’ new release plan, but the fact remains the Gal Gadot-led superhero sequel’s place as the first blockbuster to released simultaneously on streaming and theatrically on the same day, remains a substantial development for post-COVID audiences.

That Wonder Woman 1984  could give beleaguered theaters a much-needed jolt this holiday season remains to be seen, as well as just what the after-credit stinger entails.

While it’s likely that the scene will either wrap up the film itself or lead in to Diana’s third outing, it’s also possible that it could tease The Snyder Cut of Justice League, if at all, especially with its upcoming HBO Max release and Jenkins own disowning of the Whedon-studio cut.

Rumor: Patty Jenkins May Be Done with DC and Wonder Woman, Will Not Return for Third Movie

Warner Bros.’ WW84 led dual-release strategy is far from a popular one amongst the studio’s Hollywood peers, but no matter how it works out for their studio, fans can find Patty Jenkins’ latest DC movie gift-wrapped under the tree (or more specifically, on HBO Max) on Christmas Morning.

What do you think will be in WW84’s post-credits scene? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments down below!

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