A new rumor suggests that Disney will replace the various sequel trilogy characters throughout their Star Wars themed Galaxy’s Edge theme park attractions with characters from the evermore popular Disney Plus series The Mandalorian.

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According to WDW Pro, writing for Clownfish TV’s Disney-parks themed news outlet Pirates & Princesses, attendees “don’t want to see Rey [or] Emo Ren that killed Han Solo”, but instead are clamoring to meet Mando, Ashoka, Baby Yoda (Grogu), and Luke Skywalker.

“Disney wants money. So that’s why I believe I can corroborate some rumors that have been floating around about changes to Galaxy’s Edge,” wrote WDW Pro. “According to a source close to Walt Disney World management, Josh D’Amaro (we believe at the behest of Bob Iger) has started the process of determining costs and logistics for transitioning Galaxy’s Edge in both Hollywood Studios and Disneyland to the timeline of The Mandalorian.”

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WDW Pro believes that this transition will mainly entail “a press release, a bit of marketing, and a change in the characters you can meet and roam the land.”

While WDW Pro does admit that “it does seem they’d have to tweak the two attractions with new video and some adjusted animatronics” in order to introduce the new characters, he also speculates that this may be done by Disney creating “some sort of story that makes Rise of the Resistance make sense being there” or even ignoring continuity altogether in order to say “screw it” and so that fans can get “what they want – Baby Yoda in Star Wars land.”

“When Disneyland reopens, they’re no longer interested in playing around; they want people excited and in the parks, and Grogu does just that,” observed WDW Pro. “So get ready, because Ahsoka, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, Mando, Grogu, and all the rest are kicking Rey and Kylo out of Galaxy’s Edge. It’s just a matter of time.”

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WDW Pro’s latest rumor comes on the heels of his report that an internal battle over the reverence shown to the original trilogy, and Luke Skywalker in particular, is brewing amongst employees of both Disney and Lucasfilm.

If true, it will be interesting to see what implications the ideological struggle will have for the company’s change in direction for Galaxy’s Edge.

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