YouTuber StarQuarter recently shared an image of what Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. could look like as infamous Star Wars villain Grand Admiral Thrawn.

StarQuarter’s mock up of Downey Jr. as Grand Admiral Thrawn comes after multiple rumors indicate that the actor is in discussions with Lucasfilm and Jon Favreau to take on a role in The Mandalorian with some speculation indicating it could be Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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The first rumor, from scooper Daniel Richtman, detailed that Downey Jr. was in discussions with Lucasfilm and more specifically The Mandalorian executive producer Jon Favreau. The two previously launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Favreau directing Downey Jr. in Iron Man.

While Richtman didn’t provide any details on what the discussions detailed other than it was for a possible Star Wars and more than likely The Mandalorian related, a separate rumor from WDW Pro at Pirates and Princesses provided quite a bit more information on what the discussions involved.

First, WDW Pro would confirm Richtman’s original scoop claiming that Downey Jr. was indeed having discussions for a Star Wars project set during The Mandalorian timeline.

He then went on to detail that the discussions were more than likely for a long-term contract and were not “of a cameo nature.”

Grand Admiral Thrawn

As for what role the Iron Man actor might play, WDW Pro explained that “the potential role may be very different than the Iron Man/Tony Stark role that RDJ played for so long.”

In fact, he went on to claim “that it might involve a serious change in appearance.”

While he didn’t have specifics on who that might be, he did speculate it might be a character like Grand Admiral Thrawn, who was recently name dropped in The Mandalorian Season 2.

WDW Pro stated, “It would not shock us at this point if RDJ takes a role like Grand Admiral Thrawn or some other major piece.”

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Interestingly the speculation for Robert Downey Jr. to play Grand Admiral Thrawn came just after a recent rumor indicating that Favreau and Filoni were looking to adapt Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire novel, which first introduced Star Wars fans to the cunning and clever Chiss Imperial leader.

The novel saw Thrawn unite the scattered Imperial forces and implement a master plan in order to crush and defeat the Rebel Alliance once and for all.

It also continued the stories of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Lando Calrissian as they worked to help manage the fledgling New Republic, fend off the new threat of Grand Admiral Thrawn, and work to create a new Jedi Order.

Thrawn #1

Robert Downey Jr. is also not the first actor to be rumored to play Grand Admiral Thrawn. 

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A rumor from early December from Small Screen’s Edward Lauder indicated that Thrawn will be played Lars Mikkelsen.

Lauder wrote at the time, ““It’s being reported to us by sources supposedly close to Lucasfilm that Lars Mikkelsen is currently in talks to play a live-action Grand Admiral Thrawn in The Mandalorian and also reportedly other future Star Wars live-action properties.”

“I now can say that multiple sources whom I do trust and have close ties to Lucasfilm have told me Mikkelsen is in talks to play the live-action version of Thrawn,” Lauder added.

For those unfamiliar with Mikkelsen, he is quite familiar with Thrawn as he voiced the character on Star Wars Rebels.

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Before that there was also a rumor that Thrawn would indeed make the jump to live action.

That rumor came from Mikey Sutton back in May 2020. At the time he stated, “I’ve held onto this for months now, and I’m tired of waiting for additional details to put this out. Thrawn will make his live-action debut, I am told, possibly in the next two years.”

In a follow-up scoop in September 2020, Sutton claimed that Thrawn would actually be the main villain in a Star Wars Rebels live-action theatrical film.

Sutton stated, “According to a source, the film will include characters introduced on the Rebels animated show and the Big Bad is going to be Grand Admiral Thrawn.”

It’s possible this live-action film might actually be the Heir to the Empire adaptation as well.

Thrawn and Ezra Bridger

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy did add some legitimacy to the rumors about a live-action film coming out of The Mandalorian. During her Disney Investor Day 2020 presentation she not only announced two spinoff shows connected to The Mandalorian in Ahsoka and Rangers of the New Republic, but she also revealed that these shows would lead up to some kind of event.

Kennedy stated, “Set within the timeline of The Mandalorian, these interconnected shows along with future stories will excite new audiences, embrace our most passionate fans, and will culminate in a climactic story event.”

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So it’s quite possible if these rumors are to be believed that Robert Downey Jr. might become the new face of The Mandalorian by becoming the cunning villain Grand Admiral Thrawn.

And YouTuber StarQuarter gave us a tease at what the Iron Man actor might look like as Thrawn.

He wrote on Twitter, “So I heard a rumour that Robert Downey Jr will be joining the Star Wars universe.. if this is true.. this is a god and apparently he may be playing this guy.. please let this be true.”

Here’s a better look.

The image appears to be a photo shop of artist Daniel de Almeida’s Grand Admiral Thrawn piece that he created back in May 2019 and was inspired by a painting of Napoleon by Paul Delaroche.

What do you think of Robert Downey Jr. as Grand Admiral Thrawn? Do you think it could work or do you think he might be better suited for another role?