It seems like every DC character and their mother is rumored for a show or spinoff of a film property on HBO Max. The streaming service needs the content as well as the star power that comes with it.


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The other side of that is where and in what form the speculated Mera spinoff of Aquaman, starring Amber Heard, will land, and reading the tea leaves – or following the movements and logic of WarnerMedia lately – tipster Daniel Richtman may have our answer.

In a report on his Patreon, Richtman claims Heard might star in an HBO Max series following the further adventures of Mera. There’s not much confirmation on this scoop so wait and see while taking the adequate pinches of salt.

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While it’s not awfully far-fetched, you can make a drinking game out of rumors dropping that hint Warner is discussing such-and-such character for HBO Max and so-and-so is going to be in it.

And saying that, the reality is at the studio level Warner appears reluctant to let go of Amber Heard because they want Mera to be the next Wonder Woman. Not having enough PG-13 heroines, they want to catch up to Marvel and Disney’s robust roster of fierce females and brave princesses.


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They could easily recast the part. Some fans wish to see Jason Momoa’s friend and Game of Thrones co-star, Emilia Clarke, take Heard’s place. But Warner showed they have take Heard’s side in her scandal and a legal dispute with ex-husband Johnny Depp by firing him from Fantastic Beasts 3.

You can bet, however, the studio has an escape plan. As we’ve reported, Aquaman 2 may be written in such a way to minimize Mera’s presence if need be and replace her with a new character, most likely Dolphin, one of Arthur’s love interests while the Queen was MIA.

Related Rumor: Amber Heard’s Mera To Replace Jason Momoa’s Aquaman In Pivotal Scene In Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Granted, we’ve heard the opposite too – that Mera’s role will get expanded in the name of giving her a solo film and making her a major player in the DCEU.

Mera will be a player in Aquaman 2 but sooner than that, she can be seen in The Snyder Cut of Justice League in one arc of many restored from the editing room floor.