Amber Heard’s days on Aquaman may not be numbered like some are hoping for but she might end up sharing the screen with another female lead as a compromise.

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Sources of YouTuber and scooper Grace Randolph tell her Heard is still part of Aquaman 2, as reported, although her part could be cut back to make room for a new character. 

Randolph detailed, “Jodie Comer has met w/ both Marvel & DC for roles (Aquaman 2 & Flashpoint) off Free Guy buzz. BJames Wan wants new Aquaman female lead to be Asian actress.”

“Some of you are asking re Amber Heard – as I told you before, they are bringing on this new female lead to balance things out, and writing the script so that Heard’s role can be cut down if needed. But as of right now she’s still in Aquaman 2,” Randolph added on Twitter.

Who this new character might be is a mystery but we noted in a previous story that additional reports, as well as the fans, are leaning toward Dolphin who has a prominent place in Young Justice.

Dolphin also has a long history dating back 50 years that makes her just right for the Silver-Age inspiration screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick said the film is going for.

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If she replaces Mera, too important a character to get rid of, is another matter. Warner Bros. reportedly doesn’t take the petition to have Heard ousted seriously, taking her side in her battles with ex Johnny Depp.

They may believe the signatures – swelling to 2 million – are inflated, as Heard does. She has stated in interviews her belief the petition is a paid smear campaign and it won’t dictate casting decisions.

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It hasn’t swayed WB and they, in fact, might want to expand her role in Aquaman 2 – in addition to her place within the larger DCEU.

The studio wants more PG-13 heroines on par with Wonder Woman to reach a larger, untapped demo and compete with Marvel’s roster of tough superpowered characters. Moving forward with a Mera spinoff film would be the ticket, though the demand there has to be lower now thanks to Heard’s well-publicized scandals.

Aquaman 2 enters production sometime next year.