Aquaman’s writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick answered questions from fans about the sequel and spinoff The Trench during a Twitter Q&A session.

Stuck at home in self-quarantine, Johnson-McGoldrick revealed as much as he could about when The Trench takes place and what the story might be for Aquaman 2.

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A user pleading for another chance at a question wondered if The Trench will chronologically occur after Aquaman 2 or between parts one and two. Johnson-McGoldrick replied “some pieces” are “still being worked out” but the spinoff is set to take place “between 1 and 2” – at least in theory.

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The Trench was announced last year and is still in the early stages of development. At the time, James Wan tweeted:

“During the early stages of preproduction, I fell in love with the Trench and its designs… and secretly hoped to explore this world further/more. (Now, I’m not confirming or denying this project 😉”

He added “nothing is accidental,” indicating The Trench is in the cards and moving forward. Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald (The Volos) were rumored as the screenwriters. Now it sounds like McGoldrick is writing it.

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Then Johnson-McGoldrick touched on Aquaman 2. Compelled to keep the plot a secret at this stage, he answered a tweet inquiring what the sequel will be like and what comics are recommended to keep filmgoers up to speed and ready. McGoldrick said they are “not taking any one particular comic book story and adapting it” but suggested picking up “any Silver Age story featuring Black Manta.”

Look at his response below.

Of the screenplay, he said, “It’s going good! I’m texting with [James Wan] about the draft of the script right now — I think you’re gonna dig it!”

His reference to Black Manta and the Silver Age is telling. Aquaman’s mid-credits scene shows us Manta will be back for revenge and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is confirmed for part two. If the Silver Age is Wan and McGoldrick’s jumping-off point the sequel’s tone should be consistent with the first movie.

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Aquaman 2 is due out in 2022. The Trench has no release date. Aquaman is receiving one more spinoff in the form of an animated miniseries on HBO Max.