Rumor: Star Wars: The High Republic Team “Furious” With Jon Favreau, The Mandalorian, and Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker

A new rumor claims that the Lucasfilm Story Group that was involved in the newly launched Star Wars: The High Republic publishing initiative are unhappy with Jon Favreau, The Mandalorian, and Luke Skywalker.

This new rumor comes after the publishing initiative featured fundamental mistakes about Star Wars in the first issue of The High Republic comic book series.

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That first issue saw a Jedi stop their fall using a lightsaber wedged into a spire. The lightsaber would continue cutting through the spire as it is not made of a material like Mandalorian Beskar steel that can resist a lightsaber.

Making the mistake even more glaring is just a couple of pages before it, they do indeed show a lightsaber splitting an entire tree in half.

Not only did the issue feature this significant error involving a lightsaber, but is also features a one-armed Trandoshan despite Trandoshans having the ability to regenerate limbs.

In the canon Star Wars: Scum and Villainy book, Imperial Security Bureau agent Andressa Divo explains, “Trandoshans are a hardy lot. The preserved jar holds a torn arm from a Trandoshan male, ripped off cleanly by an enraged Wookiee. Analysis with shred skin samples from Bossk’s domicile confirmed a match. He’s since regenerated that arm. Looks like the old lizard can take more than a punch and return to the fight.”

Now, this new rumor from WDW Pro at Pirates and Princesses claims that the Lucasfilm Story Group believes that “the reveal of Luke Skywalker in the finale of The Mandalorian’s second season took all the oxygen out of High Republic.”

Apparently they are actually furious as they were not told that Luke Skywalker would show up in The Mandalorian.

WDW Pro explains, “Worse, I’m told they’re furious because they weren’t informed about Luke Skywalker being the season send-off surprise.”

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The scooper goes on to claim this fury is why individuals like Pablo Hidalgo decided to go after the fanbase following Luke’s reveal.

He then makes the bold statement that the Lucasfilm Story Group feels the Luke Skywalker reveal was “a betrayal of Kathleen Kennedy” because they and Kennedy are not getting credit for anything.

WDW Pro then believes that Hidalgo and other Lucasfilm employees going after fans for emotionally reacting to Luke Skywalker’s return created a “full-blown public display of the two visions at Lucasfilm.”

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The scooper previously detailed that there was a civil war brewing inside Lucasfilm over control of Star Wars. He claimed that battle was raging between Kathleen Kennedy and Jon Favreau factions.

With the Kennedy faction involved in Star Wars Resistance, Star Wars Forces of Destiny, Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures, Solo, and the Sequel Trilogy. Favreau’s faction at the time appeared to be only working on The Mandalorian, but given the announcements at the Disney Investor Day 2020 presentation it’s expanded to Ahsoka, Rangers of the New Republic, and The Book of Boba Fett.

This public display of the alleged civil war from people like Hidalgo has allegedly sparked “meeting and discussions… about how to manage the public relations situation.”

The High Republic people reportedly want Filoni and Favreau “to speak in a complimentary fashion” about The High Republic.

However, it appears that Disney executives are behind Favreau’s vision as they have put money behind The Mandalorian and its spinoff shows. WDW Pro claims, “My sources say that [Bob Iger’s] fully behind Jon Favreau.”

He concludes his scoop stating, “Keeping Luke Skywalker a secret from almost everyone at Lucasfilm has sent a message loud and clear. Favreau is in charge of The Mandalorian and every spin-off series and film that comes from it.”

“And Favreau is in charge of the only Star Wars fans seem to care about. There are no consultations with Lucasfilm needed in the future – he and Filoni are in the driver’s seat,” he added.

While WDW Pro claims that Favreau and Filoni are in the driver’s seat when it comes to The Mandalorian, Kathleen Kennedy is still the President of Lucasfilm. And an excerpt from The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Season One) shared to social media by Twitter user StevenWayneArt makes it clear that Kennedy was the one who put Favreau and Filoni together to create The Mandalorian.

It reads, “On September 25, Jon Favreau replied to Kennedy’s email gauging his interest in a live-action TV series, expressing interest in Mandalorians, a subject Filoni also wished to explore further.”

“Favreau and Filoni sharing a mutual history in Mandalorians from their time on Clone Wars, were reunited by Kennedy to collaborate on the subject in the November 14 meeting at the Kennedy-Marshall Company, culminating in the creation of pitch art that same month,” it continues.

The excerpt then adds, “Filoni quickly fed sketches of potential moments in the series to Doug Chiang’s Lucasfilm art department.”

What do you make of this alleged new rumor? Do you think Lucasfilm people are upset with the return of Luke Skywalker? Where do you see Star Wars going into the future?

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