Thanks to a leaked audition tape for HBO Max’s upcoming Peacemaker series, which features a number of lewd jokes made at the expense of the DCEU’s Aquaman, its become clear why director James Gunn admitted that his The Suicide Squad spin-off would not be appropriate for broadcast television.

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Originally leaked to Vimeo, the audition tape features an actor and a casting director’s line reader running a scene involving Peacemaker – who cheekily calls himself Miracle Man – and a character named Jose, rumored to really be Gangbuster or Tank Man, one of the disturbed Charlton antihero’s sidekicks.

In the scene, Peacemaker rails against the DCEU Aquaman for sleeping with the fishes, so to speak, and other men in a carnal fashion, telling Jose that he’s okay with the King of Atlantis being bisexual but considers bestiality to be a bridge too far.

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Though the original video has since been set to private, rendering it unwatchable, a personally recorded transcript of the scene can be seen below.

“What superhero are you?” questions Jose.

“Miracle Man,” the person helping with the audition replies.

“Get outta here, muthaf—er,” responds Jose.

“You know what I’m saying,” says MM.

“There’s no such superhero as Miracle Man,” Jose fires back.

“Dude, I’m f—in’ famous,” says MM.

“Not that famous,” says Jose. “Aquaman. He’s famous.”

“F—, Aquaman,” says MM.

“No, man. Don’t say that,” says Jose. “Why’d you say that?”

“He f—s women fine. F—s dudes, no problem, but when he starts f—-n fish, he’s taking it a step too far,” says MM.

“Aquaman fucks fish?” questions Jose.

“Yes,” says MM.

“I don’t believe that,” responds Jose.

“A guy on Twitter said for a fifty he takes them in the back so that he can have his way with the sturgeons,” says MM.

“I refuse to believe that,” says Jose.

“Well, I refuse to believe @pepethefall69 ain’t lying for no reason,” says MM.

While this dialogue may hint that Jason Momoa version of Aquaman swings both ways, not to mention towards other species, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the confirmed direction of the character in the DCEU, nor how anyone at DC Films or Warner want to portray him.

Jason Momoa Aquaman

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As of writing, it isn’t confirmed if this particular bit of dialgoue was written by Gunn, though it certainly sounds like his signature brand of off-color humor – the same kind that made him a temporary persona non grata at Disney just a few years ago.

During his leave of absence from the House of Mouse, Warner Bros. snatched him up to direct The Suicide Squad, which will feature the debut of John Cena’s Peacemaker prior to his HBO Max spinoff.


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A release date for Peacemaker is not yet set in stone, but the R-rated The Suicide Squad will debut in theaters and on HBO Max in August as part of WB’s controversial dual-release strategy.

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