A brand new rumor claims that people at Lucasfilm are considering remaking the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

The rumor comes YouTuber Doomock.

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Doomcock claims, “While Favreau and Filoni are working to erase the sequel trilogy entirely, others at Disney are considering remaking the sequel trilogy.”

He then details, “The sequel trilogy would be remade exclusively for Disney+ according to my source. With a story being spread out between 8-10 miniseries and three seasons of full series.”

“Season 1 would present The Force Awakens 2.0. Season 2 would be The Last Jedi 2.0. And Season 3 would be The Rise of Skywalker 3.0,” he explains.

Doomcock continues, “My source claims that while they will only change a little of The Force Awakens so as to reuse the Leia footage, he says they will most likely add one major thing, a reunion of Han, Luke, and Leia.”

“At this point, I want to be very clear about what this means. My source is not talking about some CGI stunt here. My source is claiming that footage exists right now of Han, Luke, and Leia together. Now my Hollywood spies have heard rumors that this footage exists before, but they were never able to get any details about until now,” Doomcock states.

He then adds, “We asked this source if the footage takes place on the Millennium Falcon. But the source said, ‘No.’ This footage was shot on green screen. It is a 10-minute scene. But aside from that, my source said, they have no idea what happens in that scene and have no idea how Lucasfilm would work that footage into any reboot.”

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Later, Doomcock would reveal information about what The Last Jedi 2.0 remake would look like.

He explains, “As far as The Last Jedi 2.0 goes, my source claims that Disney would rename the second series. In it, Leia would die when she got sucked out into space, losing the ridiculous Mary Poppins flying sequence. And the rest of the series would be completely different. And the same goes for The Rise of Skywalker. It would be 100% different as well.”

Doomcock then claims that Mark Hamill would be open to returning to this alleged remake. The YouTuber states, “My source claims that as long as Kathleen Kennedy is not involved in this reboot and so long as he is in good health, Mark Hamill is open to coming back and giving Luke Skywalker a fitting ending.”

He then asserts, “After the massive fan response to The Mandalorian Season 2 finale and the return of Luke Skywalker, it’s finally clear to Disney what fans have known all along. Luke Skywalker is Star Wars.”

The future ruler of Earth adds, “The only question in the minds of Disney executives is, ‘What’s the best way forward? How can Star Wars be saved?” This debate is why they are considering remaking the sequel trilogy on Disney+.”

As for why they might want to remake the sequel trilogy, Doomcock says, “Many at Disney feel there is too much invested in the sequels to just get rid of them totally. These people believe that retconning the sequel trilogy has many advantages. They can fix the treatment of Luke Skywalker. Redeem him after the disgraceful way Ruin Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy ran him into the ground. And as a bonus the remakes would be content for Disney+.

“And even better, even if they recast everyone with the possible exception of Adam Driver, they could recycle most of the toys,” he states.

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Doomcock then relays that Lucasfilm is not just allegedly interested in remaking the sequel trilogy, but they also are interested in recasting the films as well.

The YouTuber says, “This source confirmed that most of the parts would be recast including the amazing wonder Rey.”

The one piece of this rumor that sticks out to me is the idea that they would be able to recycle the toys from the sequel trilogy. While that sounds like a win win for Disney, the rumor also claims that they are open to recasting everyone except for maybe Adam Driver.

If they are recasting people, one would think they would be making new toys based on the new actors playing these characters. They wouldn’t be able to recycle these old toys.

Plus, who in their right mind would want to get an old toy based on the old actors, if they are more than likely going to be making new toys based on the new actors.

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On top of this, the idea that they would recast John Boyega’s Finn after all the negative PR they’ve received after they catered to China by reducing his image on the poster for The Last Jedi and more than likely in the sequel trilogy overall, doesn’t seem like something Disney would do especially now that it’s 2021. They would just be begging for more negative PR.

There are definitely some question marks about this latest rumor, and only time will tell if Disney and Lucasfilm actually do end up either erasing the sequel trilogy or remaking it.

What do you make of this rumor?