Batwoman Season 2 Episode 3’s viewership numbers slightly ticked up compared to the second episode; however, the ratings in the 18-49 demographic remained flat.

According to TV Series Finale, Batwoman Episode 3 titled “Bat Girl Magic!” saw viewership increase to 708,000. That’s the highest viewership the show has seen all season.

Episode 2 viewership was at 621,000 and the show debuted with viewership at 659,000. It’s a 14% increase in viewership from the second episode and a little less than 7.5% increase from the season premiere.

While viewership increased marginally, the ratings in the coveted 18-49 demographic remained constant. Bat Girl Magic clocked in with a .16 rating. That’s the same rating as the second episode. It is slightly up from the premiere episode which came in at .15.

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YouTuber Ryan Kinel reacted to the pre-adjusted viewership and ratings number describing them as “pathetic.”

Kinel went on to state, “As it stands, this is still one of the worst viewed Batwoman episodes of all time. Including the tragic Season 1 ratings. This is absolutely terrible.” 

The YouTuber goes on to review the show’s third episode. He stated, “I thought this episode was terrible.” 

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He specifically criticizes how Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder makes adjustments to the Batwoman suit to make it her own.

Kinel comments, “The funniest thing about this Batsuit, is that did Luke Fox do this for? Did anyone do this for her? No, she did this herself. Somehow she altered this bullet proof, impervious suit herself. Somehow she changed it so that it fit her. No one quite understands why. But they don’t need to explain it because she is Ryan Wilder. She is black Batwoman. She can do anything. She is better than everyone else.”

He also criticized the show’s introduction and portrayal of classic Batman foe Victor Zsasz.

Kinel explains, “He’s a killer, but he’s like a hitman for people. I know that iteration is out there, but I think it makes more sense and it’s a much better version when Victor Zsasz is an insane serial killer. He’s not a hitman. He’s doing it because he legitimately thinks that that is his purpose. That he is freeing these people when he kills them. That is the version of Victor Zsasz that is much more intimidating. That is much more powerful than he’s just a hitman.”

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The YouTuber then points to a line that Zsasz delivers in the show where he compares Batwoman’s kick to Batman. Zsasz tells Batwoman, “I haven’t been kicked that hard since Batman.”

Kinel details, “[The CW is] going to make each and every comparison they can that is unearned to try and tell you that this Batwoman is just as good as Bruce Wayne, just as good as Batman.”

Later in the video he sums it up saying, “This show doesn’t make any sense.”

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Kinel’s opinions about the show don’t seem to be isolated.

The Audience Score for the show continues to decline on Rotten Tomatoes. Last week, it was at 20%. It has dropped another point to 19% this week.

It also dropped from a weighted average score of 3.5 on IMDB to 3.4.

What do you make of the latest viewership and ratings numbers for The CW’s Batwoman?