Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard is happy with reaction to the debut trailer for his upcoming kaiju film.

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Now Warner Bros.’ most-watched trailer ever, with the upload on their channel currently sitting at over 52 million views, Wingard expressed his gratitude towards excited fans in a lengthy and ebullient Instagram post.

“Watching the Godzilla Vs Kong trailer blow up across the internet has been one of the greatest experiences of my life,” said the director. “I can’t thank you all enough for making the launch such a success.”

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He added making Godzilla vs. Kong was a strenuous undertaking. “When directing a big movie like this it takes years off of your life! [It’s] a long difficult process that sometimes feels like there is no end in sight!” he said. “Just look at my beard before and after GVK, I barely had any grey hairs and now I look like [f-ing] Santa [Claus]!”

All in all, the grey hairs were worth it to see the fan reactions. “BUT NOTHING has rejuvenated me more than being able to watch the excitement to the trailer online in the many fan reaction videos,” continued Wingard. “This is what [it’s] all about. I may not be able to enjoy this with ya’ll in a cinema just yet but to see and hear the excitement in these trailer reaction videos has made this long journey worthwhile.”

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He then plugged a collection of trailer reactions he assembled with help from the studio. “I worked with WB on creating this video mashup of fan reactions as a way of showing my gratitude and if you check out the link in my bio I personally edited seven straight minutes of my favorite trailer reactions online,” said Wingard. “Please feel free to share :)”

Below is the mashup of some of Wingard’s favorite reactions.

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We’ll soon see what everybody thinks of the entire film in short order. Godzilla vs. Kong stomps into select theaters and on HBO Max on March 31st – the second move for the date in 2021 alone.

What do you make of the fan reaction to the Godzilla vs Kong