First Official Footage Of Godzilla vs. Kong Revealed


The first official footage from the long-awaited monster mash Godzilla vs. Kong is here, and though it may not be much, it’s more than we’ve gotten in a year full of delays.


WarnerMedia unleashed a three-second clip, rather than the trailer many of us were expecting, at CCXP which went virtual this year in a six-hour live stream due to lockdowns and concerns stemming from the pandemic.

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The clip shows Godzilla in the water speeding toward something like a driven predator and Kong roaring at something, seemingly on a boat in the middle of the ocean surrounded by other vessels.

Judging by the orange color of the sky in the shot of Kong – evoking the banners, fan art, and logos that have come out in support of the movie over the last several months – it’s late in the day and probably in the vicinity of Skull Island.

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Chances are good Kong is roaring at Godzilla to show he’s not intimidated and that the sequence is from the same scene spoiled at last year’s CCXP – in which the mighty ape punches Big G in the face atop an aircraft carrier.

Godzilla vs Kong

Quite possibly, Kong is on a carrier vessel or some type of ship there, and the idea has been broached he was captured leading up to that point. Some spot a chain around Kong’s neck, indicating he’s held against his will. It’s also being said Kong is the enemy man fears and want Godzilla to get rid of him.

Kong in chains is not a unique sight and a similar premise of captivity and extricating him from Skull Island was how Toho got the two Titans to fight in King Kong vs. Godzilla. Further, Adam Wingard has confirmed there will be tributes to the 1963 film, so this scenario is plausible.

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It could also be the other way around, with powers that be at either the reported new organization Apex or Monarch want Gojira out of the way and will use Kong to that end. The film’s synopsis says there is a conspiracy against Titans – suggesting a motivation for letting the top two duke it out – as they converge on Skull Island.

Spoilers on Reddit and other forums contend Apex constructs Mechagodzilla to exterminate the Titans but Warner hasn’t confirmed Mecha G. We have yet to see metal hide or metaphoric hair of the mechanical menace, outside of an unreleased toy in the Playmates line made for GVK.

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Godzilla & Kong on Skull Island against Mechagodzilla

On a related note, the brief CCXP footage came with four new and very colorful posters emblazoned with the tag line “ONE WILL FALL.” They also incorporate some of the human characters – those played by Millie Bobby Brown, Eiza Gonzalez, and Alexander Skarsgard.

You can see those posters in full below.

The first shows Godzilla marching through a city as rain pours down upon him.

The second shows a bearded King Kong as he appears to be in the same city as the rain also comes down around him.

The third poster features what appears to be Mothra and Rodan as well as a Skull crawler.

It also sees Kong wielding some kind of pole that he appears to be wielding as a weapon. While Godzilla has his weapon, Godzilla unleashes a blast of his atomic breath.

Finally, the last poster gives us two images of both Godzilla and Kong as they both look to unload on presumably each other. Kong has his fist raised ready to pummel, while Godzilla charges his atomic breath attack.

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A new, and what looks to be final, logo was also released recently – coming with the announcement GVK was joining the trend of releasing simultaneously to theaters and HBO Max. This began with Wonder Woman 1984 and was applied to the rest of Warner Bros’. big 2021 releases. 

Here’s a better look.

While there is still no trailer, Godzilla vs. Kong is nonetheless slated for release in May.

Are you ready for Godzilla vs. Kong?

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